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Cafe Chokolade – Chocolate PARADISE

Chokolade – the treat that is indescribably delicious in every sense of the word is neither a shake nor an ice cream. However you choose to describe it, know this – the taste is absolutely distinctive and unforgettable. 
Indulge in a range of mouth watering treats to celebrate special moments or simply add a dash of fun to life. It’s time for Chokolade. 
– Cafe Chokolade
I agree to every word mentioned above. There are places foodie people say, you must visit once before you die. But let me tell you, just one visit to Cafe Chokolade and you’ll never want to die. This is one of those places you’ll go again and again and again and every visit will turn you into a bigger fan of it. 
I don’t know how better can I describe my experiences at Cafe Chokolade; let me put it this way,”SU BAAP JAGIYA CHE YAAR”. Translation: It’s the father of all places you’ll consider for chocolate desserts. This is what exactly happened when I had my chokolade; I put the spoon on chokolade in my mouth, my eyes shut automatically, my head rises and I feel a waterfall of chocolate pouring over me. It gave me an extreme sense of happiness; for once I become that kid who dances with joy on receiving a big chocolate. This place is definitely a SIN. People have gone to the extend of saying that a chokolade a day keeps the doctor away.    
Now what did I order? Here’s the list:
1. Ferrero Chokolade
2. Roasted Al White Chokolade
3. Brownie Chokolade
So what were they like? 
Have you seen the TV commercial of a popular chocolate brand where everyone’s head bursts into chocolate, this is what happens with chokolade in real. All the above mentioned flavours tasted like dark chocolate gelatos with a dash of their own flavours along with specific toppings. I will not provide any more details. You have to try it to believe it. 
The story of how chokolade started is very interesting. Also it has outlets in the many cities across different states in India. For the details on Cafe Chokolade you could visit their website
It has many outlets in Mumbai and the best part is they just opened in Ghatkopar(E). So be sure to visit this place and do let me know how was your experience.
Tejas Shah
Tejas is the Founder and Chief Food Blogger of KhaiPeeneJalsa. While people practice yoga as a stress-buster, Tejas takes to cooking. His craze for food is such that he can drive hundreds of miles for a delicious meal. For the most part, his world revolves around food.

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