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Ganpati Bapa Morya, Pudcha Varshi Lavkar Ya

Lord Ganesha is the god of wisdom and prosperity. He is one of the most popular Hindu Gods with the unique position of being prayed first. Ganesh Chathurthi, the birthday of Lord Ganesh is celebrated on the fourth day of the Shukla paksha (moon bright fortnight) in the lunar month of Bhadrapad. The celebrations continues for 10 days. Although Ganesh chathurthi is celebrated all across the country, it has its celebrations grandest in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.
Ganesh Chathurthi is about bringing home brilliantly crafted Ganesh idols and has gained immense popularity. The preparations for the festivities begin at least a fortnight before. Artistically decorated stages are set up and statues are installed in street corners and in homes. Almost every neighborhood is adorned with brightly decorated Ganesh idol which is illuminated and worshipped for all 10 days leading up to Ganesh Chathurthi.
Once all the festivities are over, Ganesh idols are taken out in grand procession and are ritually immersed in the nearby sea, lake or river. The elegant, magnificent Ganesh idols are carried on decorated floats in grand procession for ‘Ganesh Visarjan’ accompanied by drumbeats, devotional songs and dancing. This immersion ceremony is known as “visarjan” that marks the end of the festivities. “Ganpati bapa, mouriya! Pudcha varshi, laukar ya” is the singing that rents the air meaning “Hai Lord Ganesha, please return soon next year”.
Lord Ganesh accepts whatever His devotees offer him with love and devotion. But we as devotees know what our Lord loves the most. With the advent of Ganesh Chaturthi, devotees start preparing His most preferred sweets to be offered to Him and then later distributed as Prasad (Sanctified Food). Food becomes divine when offered to the Lord and when consumed by mortals, it purifies their mind, body and soul. 
Following are the most favorite food of Lord Ganesh. We have listed the ingredients and methods how to prepare them so that every devotee can offer it to their Lord and feel uplifted in joy and devotion.

1. Modak
For recipe:

2. Churma na ladoo
For recipe :

3. Peda
For recipe:

4. Motichoor ladoo or Boondi ladoo
For recipe:

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