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Restaurant Review – San Churro, Bandra

Milk white or dark, chocolate doesn’t discriminate – San Churro
I read this wonderful quote painted on the walls of San Churro( Bandra- Mumbai). San Churro is Australia’s favourite chocolate cafe, serving the best Spanish chocolate in town!
After a dinner of pizzas from Dominos we decided to go to San Churro for dessert. This place was suggested by my brother Chirag. I was already stuffed with those cheese burst pizzas and was in no mood for desserts. The only reason I ended up at this place was to give others company.
San Churro had a lovely chilled out ambience. It didn’t feel like i was in a restaurant. Scattered yet neat and comfortable seating. I went through the menu. Everything on the menu was something unusual. The pictures in the menu looked so tempting that I could feel my pizza digesting faster making space for the desserts. Haha.
We ordered 4 desserts.
1. Mocha Milkshake – verdict: superb
It was a dark chocolate thick milkshake. The consistency was thick enough to make one feel that it was liquid ice cream. The milkshake was topped with lots of froth(1/4 of the glass). The consistency & texture of the froth gave a feel of chocolate mousse. So in all it felt like a thick dark chocolate liquid ice cream with chocolate mousse as topping.
2. Churros Medio – verdict: good
This something very new. The churros were semi soft sweetened bread preparation served with 2 chocolate sauces of your choice. The choices were milk, white and dark. I chose milk & dark chocolate. The bread was long pipe like shaped. If I were to give an exact description, they were like long fat soft sugar coated “chakris”(popular Gujrati snack). So I went on dipping the churros in the chocolate sauce and relishing the dish.
3. Berry Bizcocho – verdict: mind blowing
This one was the best of all 3 desserts I ordered. The description in the menu said; rich chocolate cake topped with fresh strawberries & lashing of chilled custard & melted chocolate. My version: brownie topped with fruits(strawberry wasn’t available so they fixed me up with pear, apple & kiwi) lashing of melted white and dark chocolate. The whole thing was set in such a perfect manner that each bite would scoop out every ingredient that made up the dessert. It was so heavy that we all had to share it to finish it. It gave a feeling of white and dark chocolate bursting in my mouth. This dessert was definitely a sin!
4. Seven Layer Chocolate Cake – verdict: killer Can you just imagine chocolate oozing in your mouth from seven layers simultaneously? How chocolaty would that be? It was super chocolaty and super soft. You just cannot miss out on this one!
As I mentioned above that I was too stuffed to even think of desserts. But these dishes was so delicious that I couldn’t control my self. Each and every bite brought out the sound relishing satisfaction.
The whole experience at San Churro was amazing. It definitely sweetened my soul.
Seven Layer Chocolate Cake
Churro Medio
Mocha Milkshake
Berry Bizcocho
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