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Sunday Morning = Haribhai na fafda ane jalebi

Sunday Morning = Haribhai na fafda ane jalebi. This is something every Gujrati will agree with. There’s one thing Ghatkopar is very famous for; Haribhai Kandoi’s Fafada and Jalebi. Gujrati’s don’t need any further description but for my non-gujrati friends who might wonder what are these, here’s a brief description:
Fafda: it’s a chickpea snack made of chickpea flour in which ajwain (thymol-carom seeds) haldi (turmeric) contribute to the taste. They are elongated in shape and melt as soon as you put them in your mouth.
Jalebi: Jalebi is the name for deep-fried treats, a little bit similar to funnel cakes, but smaller and different in flavor.Typical jalebi is made with a type of wheat flour called maida flour. This is fine ground flour which can be substituted with pastry flour in the US. Saffron is key to preparing jalebi to get the yellow or orange color of each treat. Yogurt, water, and baking powder are the other primary ingredients for the batter, which when combined is allowed to sit for a few hours in order to ferment slightly. The batter is then piped in concentric circles into hot oil to produce a crispy and slightly chewy result.
We(Gujratis) are so crazy about fafda jalebi that we organize special get together with friends and family ever once in a while to savour fafda jalebi. The fafda are accompanied by a dry pickle made of raw papaya, crumbs of dhokla  & chillies. 
Here’s an article I read in TOI(2011, Oct): 
AHMEDABAD: Dussehra on Thursday was sweet, albeit very pricy. The staple of the occasion – fafda and jalebi – pushed most breakfast, lunch and dinner menus to the sideline as people feasted on the yummy combination of sweet and salty.
Market watchers said that Amdavadis consumed fafda-jalebis worth at least Rs 25 crore. President of the Ahmedabad Mishthan and Farsaan Association Murlidhar Agarwal said that the association has 450 members, which had put up 1000-odd stalls all over the city to sell fafda and jalebi on Dussehra.
And that was just Amdavad. 

So like it’s said, if on sunday morning you have a breakfast of fafda, jalebi & elchi kesar wali chai, your sunday has started on an awesome note. 
There are many other variations that we’ve made for sunday morning breakfast because we like varieties in everything. As much as we love our typical gujrati snacks, we must probably be the highest non-south indian consumer of south indian cuisines. Some of the other variations to our sunday breakfast program are:
Sunday morning = Ram Ashray(Kaburtar Khana,Matunga) no paper dosa, rava mysore masala etc.
Sunday morning = Madras Cafe(King Circle, Matunga) na Idli-wada
accompanied with ginger lemon or filter coffee .

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