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Tj's quick recipe #03: Dominos like oregano at home

Dominos like oregano at home

Everyone of us who are fans of Domino’s Pizza are also a big fan of it oregano powder. If you’re like me then every time you order pizza from Domino’s you would make a special request for extra oregano sachets. We use this extra oregano with Maggi noodles, to make garlic breads at home, in salads and what not. We have found so many uses of Domino’s oregano.

But have you thought of having an endless supply of that oregano so that you don’t have to order a pizza every time you run out of the supplies? I’m here to tell you that making it at home is no rocket science. Here’s how you can make it home by yourself.

2 tbsp – Oregano flakes(or Italian seasoning)
1 tsp – Garlic powder
1/2 tsp – Pepper powder
2 – 3 drops of water
Salt to taste
Mix all the ingredients well. Once mixed add 2-3 drops of water and again mix well. Your Domino’s Oregano is ready. Simple isn’t it. 
Tejas Shah
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