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Guest Post – A Foodie’s Day Out

the awaited and most planned day 06-10-2012.
7.21 AM, Ravina’s call ”wake up sid!!!!..its morning”, ”ya
ravina m up..thnxx”. An exciting day had already begun. Got up almost
on tym, then heard Rushabh still in sleep. Called him 5 tyms on
his cell , twice on his bro’s and 3 tyms at his house still no
reply. Thought, not, gave 5-6 slangs to him and then tried again.
Luckily he picked up. And i told him to be at my place in 15mins.
Then reported other friends that his awake and i guess by hearing
that all heaved a sigh of relief, especially Ms Amy who still had
doubt till my car was down her gate. Picked people from respective
places and reached the venue in 15 mins. Being a famous place, we
were on hold for 10mins for tables to get empty. Till that time were
discussing about the orders which we were gonna make, rushabh and
tejas alredy had made plans of trying different
siras-pineapple,butterscotch,etc. Finally got the tables and ordered
first dish-‘Idli wada sambhar daalke’. Amazing it was. Ambience
was of typical old times Madrasi hotel,with aroma of their chutnies
and sambhars. It was just amazing! It was crowded at 9.00am and food
was just amazing
while returning it was more fun with- kela ni sadi and banana ni
masala chips!!..Really Amy can’t ever forget that. The order which
i followed while picking friends from there places, was same reversed
while dropping them. With lots of food in tummy and having got up at
7.20 who wouldn’t get sleep, so slept around 11.30 and got up at 1
for lunch. Guess what was at lunch, my favourite black dal. Just
thought waooo!! What a foodie day i am having. With very less space in
stomach it was natural that i would eat less, but seeing black
dal(that my mom and aunt make, its delicious and best) couldn’t
control so just hogged it. Then again sleep from 3-6 , i guess till
that moment my time spent in just eating and sleeping-( Ravina feels
i do that full time :-P). Then when my eyes opened around 5.30 what a
sight i saw, at 110’ I saw sun setting down and at 80’ i saw
dark, silver lining clouds spreading in the sky. All i could imagine
was dark clouds approaching to eat the orange coloured big round sun.
Anyway it’s just one of my imaginations. And then showers of water
like as if there has never been any rain in this barren land.
Breath-taking lightening, ferocious winds, trees moving here and
there, continuous water pouring down, it was just a splendid sight to
watch. Being a true mumbaikar, any one would wish that ‘kash ek
wada pav mil jaye!!’. Same feeling went through my mind but i had
no option and just to keep mum!!. The most envy feeling one can get
is that when u are desperate to have a wadapav and ur friend is at 1
of d most famous vada-pav stall. It was ahhhh!!!!..can’t you get it
for me??? But i recognised it was difficult for her to get for me, so
again was siting near window and admiring the climate. Suddenly phone
rings and aunt asks “Millonie is at siddhivinayak how many u
want??” and i was like yes! Yes! Yes!….quickly my mouth murmured
2. That moment i felt i had the best sister in the world!! And when
she arrived , then we both sat near the window having our spicy
wadapav in hand and luking water pouring down. Ahhh!! What a sight to
admire. It was about evening brunch around 7.00pm.
gujju peoples traditional dinner time and guess what mom asks.”If
you want then ll cook yesterdays Sizzler again for you in dinner.
Will it work?” who fool had told no to this. I was like ofcourse
mom!!..and that sizzlers taste stayed forever in my mouth. Yummm,u
name any famous sizzler restaurant and i bet u will love the one
which i had at my home. It had all sauces, fired chips, rice, paneer,
noodles, fired flower, fired brinjol chips and lots of
cheese….ahhh!!!!…writing this my mouth filled with water. And the
most important is the love with which my mom and aunt cooks food for
me, they are my goddess and i really stay at heaven named ADINATH.
This was not it, my uncle had came from Juhu ,area near MIthibai
College. And what he had brought with him, a Wada Pav from the famous
place just opposite to the college. OMG!!!..was it a day meant for
having WadaPavs?!!!! But now uncle had brought toh can’t say no
also na to it, so just had 1, initially. The people call it Butter
Wada Pav, but i think is should be called Jumbo WadaPav. What a
size!!..size was like that of Burger and that spicy red chutney was
bringing my tears literally. It was mind-bobbling. And guess how much
i had ,2 of it too. After all my eating work when i stood up off the
dining table, i felt like i had got elephant’s tummy. Seriously
omg!!what was that feeling man!!..full packed. Just desert was left.
But seriously i had no space atall even for icecream. But i guess it
was my day. Sister had bought a fererro for me..Anytime u say, at any
moment ,even in sleep i would be ready to have a fererro. Toh i had
that too..then i promised not even a glass of water will have.
Seriously and finally that was the last thing i had. Ouffff!!!!…It
was indeed a Foodie day for me.
was a day to be cherished,started with the great breakfast with
wonderful people – Ravina, Amy, Sayli, Tejas and Rushabh Thanks a ton
guys for memorable time, had best lunch in the world, favourite
brunch and delicious dinner , can’t expect anything better than

– Siddharth Jasani

Tejas Shah
Tejas is the Founder and Chief Food Blogger of KhaiPeeneJalsa. While people practice yoga as a stress-buster, Tejas takes to cooking. His craze for food is such that he can drive hundreds of miles for a delicious meal. For the most part, his world revolves around food.

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