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Breakfast at Ramashray

It all started on  last Thursday evening when the five of us were sitting in the college canteen. I, Siddharth and Rushabh started discussing the dinner that was going to be cooked at our respective homes while Ami and Ravina laughed and giggled at the whole discussion. Soon we started discussing about places worth hogging and in no time the plan for saturday morning breakfast was formed. A group called “Weekend Foodies” thus came into being.
The first outing of Weekend Foodies was decided as Ramashray, a popular south indian restaurant situated in the heart of Matunga market(Mumbai). We asked a couple of other friends too but in the end there was just one addition to the group, Sayli. Everything was decided.
Now came the D-day. 6:45am was the wakeup call. I called Ami, who in turn called Ravina and she called Siddharth and Rushabh. The pick up time was 7:30, but there was a little problem. Our dear friend Rushabh hadn’t woken up. It took many phone calls on his cellphone number, his brother’s cellphone number and residence number to wake him up. After a delay of half an hour Siddharth picked up all of us and we headed to our destination. 
Everyone of us were really very hungry. The delay made us hungrier. And since Rushabh was the cause of the delay we decided the bill’s on him. Ha ha. There was waiting at Ramashray at 8:30am. Yes that place is really that popular. The only time I’ve never had to wait was when I visited that place at 5 in the morning. So after a little wait we got the tables.
The 1st item we all ordered was Idli-Wada Sambhar. We were all so hungry that it took very little time for us to finish the entire dish. Ami was the only one who ordered Mysore Dosa to start with. Next we ordered tea and coffee. The coffee is the typical south indian filter coffee. I love the taste of it. My dad was the one who introduced me to this coffee long back when I was a toddler and I am fan of it ever since. After tasting Ami’s Mysore Dosa all of us chose to have the same thing as it was very tasty. Ramashray is known for it’s Mysore Dosa. I ordered a Rava-Mysore Dosa as suggested by my brother Chirag who’s a regular customer of Ramashray. The next item that was ordered was Korma-Puri. According to me this was the best dish we had. It was super delicious. I also ordered Ginger-Lemon, a cold drink with a strong taste of ginger and a dash of lime that is a must have. Nobody in the group had ever tasted this drink in their life. The expressions on each one’s faces, as they tasted the drink, were hilarious. I regret not catching them in my camera. Finally it all ended with a paan. It’s simple south indian style paan which is made up of sugar and diced coconut rolled in a beetle leaf.
While we were eating and chit chatting, people also came up with the suggestions for the next weekend. As the name of the group suggests, we hope to explore new places every weekend. As of now, we’ve decided on a maharashtrian breakfast but let’s see what do we finally end up with. But one thing is for sure, whatever it’ll be, it’ll be tasty that’s for sure. We spent a wonderful saturday morning together, an amazing start to the lovely weekend. Hoping for more of such ones to come.
Tejas Shah
Tejas is the Founder and Chief Food Blogger of KhaiPeeneJalsa. While people practice yoga as a stress-buster, Tejas takes to cooking. His craze for food is such that he can drive hundreds of miles for a delicious meal. For the most part, his world revolves around food.

3 thoughts on “Breakfast at Ramashray

  1. The Ginger-lemon drink….bang…the ginger taste hit my head hard….
    had a great time with evryone….
    my first outing with Ami and Tejas…(both are fun-loving pp)..!! :):)
    n can't forget the kela-banana chips also…
    hope to explore another place next weekend…!!

  2. Hahaha… I too had a great time with all of you'll… now that we're gonna hangout every weekend, we're gonna have lots of fun… wish we had done this earlier… I have started getting a lot of suggestions from my other friends about the places we should visit

  3. heya!! This is one of the most memorable hang-out I had!! Truly awesome, not only the food, but the cool friends, the ride and even the music(not to forget the scanning of each other's playlists…phew..) Well, am sure this is just the beginnin…….(senior year has just started..;))

    Sayli- I agree sayli, the ginger lemon was too strong to hit our heads and even our throats, but yet tcs thumbs-up for was cool!! 😀

    Amy- ul hav to bear listenin banana-kela 4d rest of ur life!! hahaha…lolzz!!

    In all a great beginnin to a great outing for a great food with a great company—–how better can i define a "Weekend"!!

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