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Lunch at Istanbul, The city on two continents

The city of Istanbul, also know as the city of two continents is the largest city in Turkey, constituting the country’s economic, cultural, and historical heart. The city resides in Europe as well as Asia hence the title of the city of two continents. The Bosphorus strait that connects the Black sea with the Sea of Marmara passes through the center of the city also forms the part of boundary between Asia and Europe. 
Istanbul was beautiful in every sense. From people to places, the city gave me a very welcoming feel. In spite of being a part of muslim country, the city was absolutely different from what we stereotype in our minds. I didn’t see a single woman in the “burkha”, it felt like another european city but there was something very different and amazing about the city. I don’t know how to put that feeling to words but the city had some spark of it own. For once I wanted to settle down there. 
After a heavy breakfast at the hotel we left for the Bosphorus cruise ride. The palaces and mansions on the banks of the Bosphorus on both the asian as well as the european side were a treat to my eyes. After the Bosphorus cruise ride I thought to myself that may be the influences of cultures from both the continents is what made this place so different and attractive. 
It was almost half past 1 and we all were a little hungry. A small snack like light lunch was just what we were looking for so our tour guide took us to this mind blowing place. It was situated on top of the Camlica Hill in Anatolian (Asian) Istanbul. The view was fantastic, so serene and fresh. We could see the Bosphorus and the entire european side of the city. The place had many cafes and stalls to offer variety of delicacies. I and Dad landed at a stall that made some dish which after analysis was potato skin never seen before. So we had our tour guide playing the role of a translator. We asked the chef if he could make a vegetarian version of it and he was more than happy to deliver the same. So after a little wait our lunch was served. Before I drop in the details let me tell you that it was the best potato skin preparation I’ve ever had. The potato was the size of a half footlong. It had a filling of vegetables, olives, corn, cheese and his trade secret masala. It was so delicious that we ordered 2 more.

We all enjoyed our lunch onlooking the Bosphorus a lot. Sitting on almost the edge of the hill enjoying the nature’s beauty eating world’s best potato skin, what more could you ask from life. There was a sense of satisfaction and happiness in every corner of my soul. My visit to Istanbul was worth every penny.

Tejas Shah
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