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Waffles at Peter’s Pan – I ate like a king

I always look forward to trips to my Nanaji’s( maternal grandfather) vacation home in Pune(Maharashtra). Apart from the peacefully pleasant atmosphere there, the biggest reason is getting to explore new restaurants with my mama(maternal uncle) Harsh.
Harsh mama always has his itenary prepared for us before we head to Pune. This itenary comprises of all the new restaurants he would be taking us to for lunch/dinner/desserts during our stay. He’s a complete foodie like me. I also share the craze for cars and travelling with him.
This time he took me to this delicious waffle station called “Peter’s Pan” – eat like a king, at F.C. road. The place gave me a McDonald like feel. Simple seating self service waffle station displayed a variety of waffles and pan cakes along with pizzas and garlic breads.
Well since I was in a mood for waffles alone, we ordered Blueberry waffles, Classic waffles and Creamy Cheese Spinach Corn waffles. Each of them were very very delicious.
The waffles were extremely soft. They melted the moment it went in my mouth. The classic one was a plain waffle with maple sauce poured all over it. The blueberry one was very interesting. It had blueberry sauce poured over it plus a lot of freshly whipped cream. The best of all was the third one, Creamy Cheese Spinach and Corn waffle. This waffle was completely covered with liquid cheese plus shredded spinach and american sweet corn. For those who are big-time dominos cheese burst fan, this is a must have.
The best part about these waffles are that you can eat them as your breakfast, lunch or dinner. They taste fantastic any time. I asked the manager if they were opening one branch in Mumbai. He told me they’d love to if I could find a nice place and invest. Ha ha. Someday may be. Till then I’m surely gonna keep visiting Peter’s Pan in my every visit to Pune.
Tejas Shah
Tejas is the Founder and Chief Food Blogger of KhaiPeeneJalsa. While people practice yoga as a stress-buster, Tejas takes to cooking. His craze for food is such that he can drive hundreds of miles for a delicious meal. For the most part, his world revolves around food.

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