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Some Chocolates Worth Trying – Ritter Sport

Ritter Sport has been one of my favourite German chocolate brand. Ritter sport was started by Alfred Ritter and his wife, Clara. What started off under the chocolate brand name of “Alrika” in 1930 started producing in square tablet shape on Clara’s suggestion that the chocolate should  fit into a man’s sports jacket without breaking.
These new square tablets then started selling under the brand name of “Ritter’s Sport Schokolade”.

Ritter Sport has since then produced close to 66 different varieties of chocolates.
English packaging now features the brand moto, “Quality. Chocolate. Squared.”

Some of the flavours I’ve tried are;
 Butter Biscuit
 Whole Almonds
 Neapolitan Wafer
 Strawberry Yogurt

Mix Your Own Ritter Sport Chocolate Creation

Creating your desired mixture
Setting it in the mold
Voila! Your Ritter Sport Creation is ready!

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