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Birthday Dinner at Mainland China

Mainland China is one of the favourite Chinese restaurants of the elites. Everything at this restaurant is just classy; the ambiance, the food, the service and the crowd. I’ve been to a couple of branches at different locations but one at Bandra remains the most memorable one as I celebrated my birthday dinner here. Honestly speaking I feel birthdays are the best time to visit Mainland China. The reason? …we’ll come to that soon.

We ordered the All Time Favourite Crackling Spinach and Assorted Vegetables in Konjeenaro Sauce. The Spinach was so crispy that it literally crackled in my mouth at the same time it was very tasty. The second starter was Stuart’s recommendation. It tasted very much like the Veg Crispy you get at the normal Chinese serving fast food restaurants. One of the ingredient was honey and some other secret ingredient that made it different from the usual veg crispy.

Main Course:
For the mains we ordered Chilli Garlic Noodles, Spring Onion Fried Rice and Exotic Vegetables in Chilli Basil Sauce. The noodles were spicy, red in color and had strong garlic flavour in it. While having it I actually felt the dragon flames coming out of my mouth. Yet it was a very delicious preparation, one of my favourites at Mainland China. The fried rice was like usual ones with just more spring onions, again stuart’s recommendation for a perfect accompaniment to the vegetable. The vegetable was the best of all. Absolutely delicious and highly recommended dish. The flavours were perfect, nothing more nothing less. The basil gave a unique taste and flavour.

I am unable to recollect the name of the dish; can’t find it in the menu online as well which makes me believe it was another recommendation of the Stuart. The preparation had brownie stuffed inside a thin crispy coating with chocolate sauce drizzled in thin lines over the brownie sticks. This was served with vanilla sauce. It was very dry. Thankfully the vanilla helped me swallow it down. Desserts here are absolutely avoidable.

Now comes the main part. I was given a feedback and personal information form along with the cheque. On collecting the same the Stuart realized it was my birthday and requested me to wait for a couple of moments. The waiter first served us with Chinese Tea. It tasted like Mogra water, honestly I didn’t like it. With every sip I took I thought if this was the birthday surprise, maybe some ancient chinese tradition of celebrating birthday.

I was terribly mistaken. As soon as I finished my tea, I saw the Stuart returning with five other waiters and stuarts. They sang the birthday song on the guitar tunes and presented before me a small cake and champagne. Ahh my birthday was made! The entire staff clapped along with some other customers while I blew the candle and made my birthday wish. I felt like the star of the evening. I thanked Mainland China with all my heart for making my 21st birthday so special. 

Tejas Shah
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