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Dosa khakhra

Khakhra are a famous part of Gujrati cuisine which roots from the state of Gujrat in India. Khakhara’s are thin crackers made from mat bean and wheat flour and oil. It is served usually during breakfast.
The latest variety of khakhra that’s being seen in the market today is DOSA KHAKHRA. These are the dosa, which is a part of south Indian cuisine, made as crispy as the normal khakhra. The feel of it is exactly like the paper sada dosa, thin & crisp.
The Dosa khakhra are packaged in the exact same manner as your regular ones. The pictures illustrate this perfectly. The cost more or less the same as well. They are available in a variety of flavours.
You can now have dosa everyday for breakfast. Get your packet of dosa khakhra today & don’t forget to drop me a line.

Tejas Shah
Tejas is the Founder and Chief Food Blogger of KhaiPeeneJalsa. While people practice yoga as a stress-buster, Tejas takes to cooking. His craze for food is such that he can drive hundreds of miles for a delicious meal. For the most part, his world revolves around food.

9 thoughts on “Dosa khakhra

  1. I would like to order Dosa Khakhra for gift during Holidays.
    How many in each box.
    How much does it cost?
    Can you gift wrap and ship to USA?
    How do you accept payment?
    I need shipment by Dec. 15th.
    Can you manage?

    1. Hello Hema,
      We sincerely apologize for a super late reply. We would definitely love to help out the next time you require something like this. You could contact us directly at
      Team KPJ

    1. Hello Rachna,
      we usually buy these from this lady who stands right outside the Jain Derasar at the Damji Shamji Chowk on the R. B. Mehta Marg(a.k.a. 60ft Road), Ghatkopar(east), Mumbai. She’s available from 5pm till 7:30 – 8pm. But you could call Upendrabhai at +919322226251 to place an order or ask for more details.
      Team KPJ

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