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Make Subway Like Sandwich At Home

Subway sandwiches are one of my favorite quick fixes when I have those hunger pangs. They make it quick and they make it tasty. It is a perfect meal choice for me when I am too hungry to wait for more than 10 minutes for the order to arrive.

It’s only recently that a good number of Subway sandwich outlets have sprung up around multiple cities at multiple location. Even then there aren’t any outlets near my house. Once they tried opening a pure vegetarian one but it shut down in just a couple of months.

So I thought about trying to make subway sandwiches at home. I asked myself a simple question, What’s the secret to the sandwich’s taste? The answer was simple; the freshly baked bread, cold crisp salad and amazing sauces. Now that’s no brainer. The best part, all of these ingredients are readily available in the super market near you.

The bread loaves are available for approximately Rs. 20 for a foot long. As far the vegetables like lettuces, bell peppers and stuff like olives and jalapeno, they’re all available in the super market at pretty reasonable rates. Like an entire 500gm bottle of olives and jalapeno would cost you Rs.140 and Rs.200 respectively. The vegetable rates differ with areas.

For cold vegetables, cut them in the shapes you like and keep them in the freezer for half an hour to 45 mins. I love them cold and crisp. If you’re a creative mind like me you can make your own flavours. To make an aloo patty sub I ask mom to make the burger patties. Mom also makes a fantastic mix vegetable subji which also tastes great in a sub. My brother makes some really awesome paneer which is sauteed with onions, tomatos, garlic and italian herbs. We’ve also tried coleslaw salad and that was a good blend too.

Now comes the sauces. I prefer using the sauces of a brand called Nandos. It’s an international brand which has a wide range of sauces. These sauces are easily available at those stores which normally sell imported food stuffs. The sauces cost anything between Rs. 140 – Rs. 500 a bottle. I also use Fun Food for Mayonnaise. I have liked their Veg, Garlic and Olive Oil flavours.

All in all it’s very simple to make subway like sandwiches at home. Of course they may not turn out to be exactly like the Subway, but similar is good enough isn’t it. Just pick out the sauces that you would prefer your sandwich and you’re good to go. It’s also the quickest food you can make. The only time really spent is in getting the ingredients.


1. Warm the footlong in the oven for 20 seconds. Cut the bread from the sideways in a way that the upper and lower slices are still stuck together.
2. Place the cheese slices between the bread slices.
3. Arrange the vegetables on the lower side.
4. Put the sauces on top of the vegetables as per your taste.
5. Sprinkle some salt and pepper.

Your Sub is ready!!

UPDATE: Subway uses KRAFT mayonnaise. So now you know which exact brand to buy. (Caution: Kraft mayonnaise contains eggs, the non-egg eaters you’ll will have to stick to Fun Food.)

Try it out and do drop me line.

Tejas Shah
Tejas is the Founder and Chief Food Blogger of KhaiPeeneJalsa. While people practice yoga as a stress-buster, Tejas takes to cooking. His craze for food is such that he can drive hundreds of miles for a delicious meal. For the most part, his world revolves around food.

2 thoughts on “Make Subway Like Sandwich At Home

  1. Your recipe sounds good..1 thing I would like to add is instead of warming the bread and then putting cheese slice , put the slice and then warm the bread..melted cheese will taste delicious.
    Also if u want add Blue Cheese dressing in the sub..that adds to the taste

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