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Order Your Dosa Khakhra Today

Over the past few weeks I’ve received a lot of inquiries for the Dosa Khakhra from my readers. I buy my khakhras regularly from this lady who stands right outside the Jain Derasar at the Damji Shamji Chowk on the R. B. Mehta Marg(a.k.a. 60ft Road), Ghatkopar(east). She’s available from 5pm till 7:30 – 8pm. She has a great variety of Regular flavoured, Diet and Dosa Khakhras.

Mind you, I’ve tried these khakhras from all the famous snack stores but none could match the taste and quality this lady provides.

Here’s the pamphlet which should help you order your khakhras. Do let me know how was your experience.

Tejas Shah
Tejas is the Founder and Chief Food Blogger of KhaiPeeneJalsa. While people practice yoga as a stress-buster, Tejas takes to cooking. His craze for food is such that he can drive hundreds of miles for a delicious meal. For the most part, his world revolves around food.

2 thoughts on “Order Your Dosa Khakhra Today

    1. In dosa khakhra, my favourite are maggi masala(not mentioned in the list) and the classic sada… among the rest the frankie, methi masala, tawdi roast(moong, chorafali, math) and cheese pasta and some of my regular choices

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