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Merry at Harry's

It’s Friday, the last working day before the weekend begins. You’ve been waiting for the Friday to arrive since Monday! Since the time you stepped out of the house for work your mind has already started making plans for the night. But you’re not a person who’ll just settle for anything. You want a place that matches your taste. So what kind of a person are you?

Are you looking for a place to just chill with your buddies after a stressful week? Or are you looking for a happening place where you can enjoy the IPL match with some amazing cocktails and finger food? or Are you the kind of person who just wants to get lost in good music and some lip smacking food?

Whichever the case I have a kick-ass place for your Friday night, Harry’s Bar & Cafe at Fun Republic, Andheri. I entered the place at around 8.30 pm. The moment I set foot inside Harry’s I was punched in the face with crazy energy. I felt like I entered a carnival. The noise of cheering, cocktails flowing, food serving and DJ playing; it all made the place feel so sexy! 

We were a big bunch of people, around fifteen of us. We took a seat on our reserved table which was right in the center of the cafe. We were just flipping through the menu when Chef Vicky Ratnani of the “Vicky Goes Veg fame” joined us. Immediate reaction, we kept our menu away. When you have a company of the master Vicky Ratnani who the hell needs a menu card. After soaking in the carnival vibe Chef got us started with the real business, food!!!
Harry’s Signature – Eye Candy
While scanning the menu, Harry’s Signature Drink Eye Candy caught my eye. This fresh watermelon martini was a refreshing experience. I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said it rejuvenated my taste buds for the delicious dishes to follow. Along with our drinks we were served with House Marinated Olives with Fetta Cheese. It went very well with the drink. Using the toothpick as my skewer I managed to pick the fetta between the olives. The fragrance and natural sweetness of watermelon with the punch of gin and vermouth created a unique taste.
House Marinated Olives with Fetta
A sip of Eye Candy and a bite of house marinated olives, my evening was off to a nice start. Some of us also tried the Singapore Sling, Sex on Pattaya Beach and Harry’s Old Fashion with the last one being highly recommended one.
Muchos Nachos
Crispy Chilli Potatoes
The next dishes to hit our table were the Muchos Nachos and the Crispy Chilli Potatoes. I really liked the nachos. The flavour of the baked beans was nice and the liquid cheese and the sour cream completed the dish. The quantity was really good, living by the term muchos which is literally translated to “many or lots” in Spanish. Moving on to Crispy Chilli Potatoes, I just have one word to describe it, addictive! Truly, for this dish I’m going to quote Kurkure’s tagline, “Kya karein control nahi hota”. Mind you, we just couldn’t keep our forks away from this dish. The fries were really crisp. Made with such perfection that even after going cold they didn’t turn chewy. A finger food in true sense because it just didn’t let my fingers rest, I would highly recommend it.
Sex On Pattaya Beach
If you’re a health freak, Vietnamese Spring Rolls is for you. The dish is made of fresh raw crisp veggies toasted with peanuts wrapped in thin rice flour sheets served with chilli soya. The soya sauce was definitely needed to complete the taste which otherwise felt totally bland. I say it was a good compliment to the rest of the dishes. The Stuart suggested that it’s one of the most popular dishes among the ladies. 
Vietnamese Spring Rolls
During my conversation with Chef Vicky I asked him what kind of vegetarian food would go best with the red wine. To which he replied that he had just the right dishes for me. He ordered for Fondue Stuffed Mushrooms and Moroccono Spicy Cottage Cheese. Now can one doubt his judgement? It felt like both the dishes were made to be eaten with red wine. I particularly like the mushrooms a lot. The fondue cheese stuffed in the mushroom caps was very new for me. Brilliantly made, this dishes impressed me so much. I had no idea a mushroom dish could taste so delicious with a spicy wine.
Fondue Stuffed Mushrooms
Another interesting cottage cheese dish was the Wasabi Cottage Cheese Squares. While it lacked the expected zing it was very well made, just like the wasabi is supposed to be. It was a pleasant experience. The Market Caesar with Grilled veggies from the Harry’s Greens section was the classic Caesar salad.  

Veg Sliders
Veg Thai Curry with Sticky Rice
Next came the Veg Sliders. It is interesting to observe how the name perfectly fitted the dish. The size of the slider was perfect to simply slide into your mouth. To me it tasted more like a veggie burger whose patty was more like the jeera aaloo subji my mom makes. Overall an okay dish you could give a miss. We also ordered Peene in Cheese Sauce with less vegetables and requesting the cheese sauce to be creamy. I must say they made it very well. I loved it. The bruschettas were equally good. The flavour of olives and garlic was evident and the breads were crispy. 
We were all so stuffed after nibbling such a huge delicious spread of finger food. So for the main course we just opted for Veg Thai Green Curry with Sticky Rice. I was really impressed with the taste of the curry; very tasty, comparatively lighter on the stomach and pleasant on the tongue. 
Drunken Volcano Cake
At the end entered the real hero of the evening, Drunken Volcano Cake. Believe me it’s nothing like anything I’ve had before. When they served the dish I was like okay, so we’ve the usual molten chocolate lava cake and vanilla gelato. But then came the Stuart setting the liquor on flames and pouring it on the lava cake. My first reaction, Oh My God this is just crazy. I somehow managed to take picture, threw the phone aside in dug my spoon right into it. The taste and experience, Superb! Kick-ass! Super duper highly recommended.
I had truly had a merry time at Harry’s. A lots of interesting conversations happened. Playing pool was a lot of fun. Some of us also danced our hearts out on the tunes of the Classic 80’s music. I had a crazy time with the folks. The staff took great care and explained us each dish in much detail. People on the other tables looked quite happy and satisfied as well. It was just lovely riding with Chef Vicky on this foodie road through the kitchens of Asia, Morroco, Italy and Mexico. All in all, my Friday night was made!
Wasabi Cottage Cheese Squares
Peene in Cheese Sauce
The Truth Serum
With the Tuckers
Crazy time with FatFoodie, CaptainRish and the Tucker

With SweetAnnu and TheNaisha
I was invited here as a part of Food Blogger’s meet.
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