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Amul’s Epicness

Amul Epic Choco Almond with Belgian Chocolate
Amul Epic Choco Almond with Belgian Chocolate

India’s home grown dairy brand Amul has added a new line of premium ice cream called Epic to it’s existing ice cream brand. Epic is now available across all major cities across India. Amul will be competing brands like Magnum, London Dairy and Baskin Robins in this space with Magnum being the most popular among the consumers due to availability in general stores and more brand awareness. Given Amul’s market share in the dairy industry they said they want to stay very much ahead in the game and cater in all segments. Also going by the whole “Make in India” vibe which has gripped the country we’re elated to see a product wholly made in Indian in the Super Premium Ice cream space.

It is said that Amul has invested in a state of the art plant for Epic. To give you the premium feel, the amount of aeration is lowered while increasing the fat content than regular ice cream thereby giving rich taste and more weight/volume. EPIC bars are available in two flavours viz, Strawberry Vanilla 80ml at Rs 35 and Choco Almond 80ml for Rs 40.

We at KhaiPeeneJalsa tried the Choco Almond flavour. The premium experience starts with the exotic belgian chocolate coating which is thicker than the regular chocobar or feast bars with a slight bitter sweet dark chocolate taste. Under the coating is the dark chocolate ice cream which is noticeably creamy and very smooth. You might notice that the bar is smaller than the size of the competitive brands but given the price the size feels appropriate. Epic is a very pleasant experience and reasonable at the same time. We really liked it and we would definitely recommend you to try it.

While Magnum and London Dairy are distinctly superior in taste and quality there’s one thing that’s truly epic about Epic, the pricing. When spending Rs. 90 – Rs. 100 on a chocobar makes customers a little hesitant, people who’re used to spending Rs. 25 – Rs. 30 on similar products like popular Amul Feast or the Havmore Zulubar wouldn’t mind shelling an extra 10 – 15 bucks to get a premium ice cream. According to me, given the pricing and the taste, Amul Epic is sure to do phenomenal.

Tejas Shah
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