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Le Café

What better way to kick start your Sunday than a brunch with your buddies. After going through the restaurant listing at askme.com it was decided a day earlier that the place would be Le Cafe. We had heard good reviews about it and was on our list since a long time. Close to Chembur railway station and next to the very famous Sadguru restaurant is this small cafe in the Hotel Jewel of Chembur. Le Cafe serves contemporary European cuisine in a relaxing bistro environment. The seating and the ambiance was simple and very comformtable. We seated ourselves next to the window because who does not love a window seat, right?

The menu was fancy and informative. We arrived at the time the breakfast was still being served. There was still sometime for the regular menu to be served. So we decided to try out some breakfast dishes. The first thing we called for was the tomato and mozzarella melts. The base was the italian flat baked bread focaccia layered with basil pesto, topped with fresh tomatoes and melted mozzarella. The softness of the bread, juicy tomatoes and cheese gave our brunch a delicious start. Along side freshly sliced salad tossed in olive oil and herbs was served.

Tomato and Mozzarella Melts

We then placed an order for the couscous upma, caramello crunch shake, oreo cookie shake and the aged malabar monsoon coffee.Just as we were feasting upon the mozzarella it started to pour and remember the window seat ? what a delight !!!

The couscous upma arrived and it was plated beautifully. Just like a pudding placed on a plate, perfectly placed and shaped. It tasted good. It was nothing like the regular upma and quite healthy too. The texture of couscous was coarser than the regular rawa. There were subtle yet very delicious flavours which felt quite indian or desi in nature. The cherry tomato salsa like chutney that was served with the Upma greatly enhanced the taste and experience.

Couscous Upma

WOW!! The reaction when I saw the oreo shake and caramello crunch coming to our table. They presentation was just superb. The mere size of the glass and the quantity of the sweet whipped cream blew us away. It just felt so unreal to have it but ooops we were hungry. The caramello crunch had the right balance of caramel and was not too sweet and the cream was fresh and not sour. Similarly the oreo cookie shake was tasty and the cookie crumbs could be felt. The Caremello crunch is a big thumbs up.


20150614_111013                 20150614_111147

The Aged Malabar Monsoon coffee was a single origin french press coffee that was strong in flavour just like should be. Although it was served with milk separately, we preferred to have it without the milk. The name was the primary reason we felt like ordering it. Towards the last few sips we added honey to it just for the sake of experimenting and it turned out be a nice flavour. The Mediterranean Tangerine Tea was an interesting beverage. After adding honey to it the infused tangerine taste seemed to have enhanced which made the drink delightful.

Aged Malabar Monsoon
Mediterranean Tangerine

Moroccan cottage cheese skewers was next on the list. The dish was styled beautifully but the taste was a let down. It is rightly said don’t judge a book buy its cover. The cottage cheese was not so soft as expected and the mint chutney aioli topped over it gave a tinge of flavour to dish. The capsicum and tomatoes were also not well cooked. The sliced vegetable salad served with it was good and was mixed with mayonnaise and bbq sauce.

Moroccan Cottage Cheese Skewers

For dessert we ordered the jamaican spiced rum & chocolate cake.The mousse was soft and sandwiched with the chocolate cake and it was topped by a thick layer of bitter chocolate.The taste was just amazing and it was delicious.it kept asking for more and more and before we realized it was over. It was so tasty and good that we licked our spoons clean.

Jamaican Spiced Rum & Chocolate Cake

The management is very co-operative and friendly and the service is quick and does not keep you waiting and kill your hunger. There are many more dishes to be eaten and so you see soon again le café.

Taste- 7

Service- 8

Value for money – 7

Free – Rains











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