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Out Of The Blue

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon with a pleasant weather was this luncheon. Out of The Blue is just five minutes off Carter Road at Bandra and has a beautiful ambiance. You have an option to sit outside under the shade with the cool breeze relaxing you or you can grab a seat inside and listen to some live music and enjoy the bartender with his set of skills.

A food bloggers meet was organised by Food Bloggers Association Of India and Vinod Cookware to introduce us to a whole new range cookware. You can read about the new range here. The event saw a huge turnout.

The menu was fancy and quite delightful. The first starter to hit our table was the Fire Fry, a preparation of zesty stir fried cottage-cheese fingers in a fiery BBQ sauce. The crispy babycorn was the best starter for the day. The tangy spicy sauce and the crisp hot babycorn were just a delight to munch on. The last starter served was the bruschetta. As appealing as they looked, the taste was a big let down. It was more like eating a lot of tomatoes on a toast.

Meeting different food lovers and food bloggers was such a wonderful experience. Their stories about their love for food were interesting as well as inspiring at various levels. We also had a chef working at a popular five star hotel sharing the table with us. Discussing his ideas and passion for cooking with some useful cooking tips while getting to know some hotel kitchen secrets gave us some incredible insights. There were home chefs, professional chefs, food stylists and food bloggers all dining together and discussing about one thing they have in common and exchanging different ideas related to it.

To fuel our conversation were a couple of great wine cocktails. The Italian grillo sangria white, spicy shiraz sangria red, sangria rose were the ones we tried and loved each of them. The Italian Grillo Sangria White, a white wine, triple sec and mixed fresh fruits cocktail, was just the drink needed to kick in the mood. It was perfect with the weather and there were these two beautiful singers singing up of the chart songs and keeping the atmosphere light and entertaining. The Sangria Rose was a rose wine cocktail topped with finely chopped apples and had a very refreshing flavour. The Spicy Shiraz Sangria was a red wine cocktail that went really well with Fire Fry and the sizzler we ordered for the main course.

It was for the first time that I had brown garlic bread but they were just not satisfying. Even the white garlic bread was not up to the mark. The taste was somewhat incomplete like it was made in a hurry and not at all pleasing. The bread was very chewy and really hard to bite on like our jaws were put to test.

The Penne Masala Mafia Pasta was the first item we ordered for the main course and was the dish of the day. Like the name suggests it had strong flavours. The pasta were creamy with the right amount of the masala added to it giving it a different taste. If you like creamy spicy masaledar flavours then this one is a must try.

The next item for our main course was the One Alarm Veg Pot Chili Sizzler. It was a mix of beans, pulses tossed in mexican sauce and rice. The mushroom and potatoes were nicely cooked with barbecue flavour. The french fries were fried to perfection. This was the first time I had pulses in a sizzler which gave it quite a unique touch. The sizzler also had baby-corn and caramelized onions which added a slightly sweetish delicious touch to the dish. Going by the name we were expecting it to have a rather fiery flavour but nevertheless it was still quite a good assemble.

It was time for dessert and here came the chocolate fondue and the sizzling brownie. The belgian dark chocolate fondue was just amazing. It had a thick chalky texture. I would highly recommend this one for the people who are a big time dark chocolate fans. The fondue was served with chocolate brownies and assorted fruit skewers that had banana, litchi and cherry. The brownies were very soft and could be eaten just like that. Overall the chocolate fondue was wonderful and a big thumbs up. Sizzling brownie, the all time favourite was tasty and delicious. One could just keep eating and never stop.

The overall atmosphere was delightful and the staff was friendly.Although the food was good it did not live upto the expectation set by the reviews received.But I would definitely like to pay a visit back and try out some more dishes.

Taste – 7
Service – 7
Value for money – 7
Joyous moments – free

Brown Bread Garlic
White Bread Garlic
Italian Grillo Sangria White
Penne Masala Mafia
Fire Fry
One Alarm Veg Pot Chili
Sizzling Brownie
Chocolate Fondue
Fondue Dips

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