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The Desi Twist

Tucked away in a peaceful by lane of Chembur is this cozy little place called “The Desi Twist” that offers you a variety of pastas and tacos with twists you would’ve never imagined. Being right next to Chembur Gymkhana and a couple of tuition classes, TDT sees a lot of youth customers. The joint is run by sister duo, Rupal & Chandani who are always so excited and happy to serve you yummy slurpy dishes. And if you’re a big time foodie like me then you’re in for some interesting food related conversations with Rupal. After a while I almost forgot that I was in at a food joint and started feeling like I was just chilling at one of my buddy’s place.

TDT - paneer tikka penne pasta
Paneer Tikka Pasta

The first dish I tried was the Paneer Tikka Penne Pasta which is one of their best selling pasta. It turned out to be very delicious. The paneer was so soft that it almost immediately melted in my mouth. Every bite of the penne had rich creamy gravy oozing out of the cylindrical pasta. Paneer Tikka Masala is one of my favourite punjabi vegetable and these girls just took it to another level by tweaking the flavour to suit the pasta. I wanted to have more of this one but there was more awesomeness coming my way.

TDT - green chutney pesto penne pasta
Green Chutney Pesto Pasta

Next I was served the Green Chutney Penne Pesto Pasta. This was actually the first pasta that I wanted to try. Being the kind of person I am, the moment some wacky sounding food catches my attention I want to try it then and there. It was delicious! The taste was exactly like your mint-coriander chutney famously known as the green sandwich chutney mixed with pesto sauce. What really made me love this dish is the perfection with which the creamy gravy was prepared. The taste of both the chutney and pesto sauce was evident without overpowering the other. The aroma had the freshness of the green chutney mixed with the fragrance of basil. I would highly recommend this one!

TDT - stirfried spaghetti pasta
Stirfried Spaghetti

After this came the Stirfry Spaghetti. My first sense of this dish was spicy pot noodles just that noodles were replaced with spaghetti. The gravy was one of the best indianized chinese I have ever tried. I was quite happy to learn that the chinese sauce used for this pasta didn’t contain ajinomoto. The fiery spaghetti satisfied my craving for indianized chinese food.

TDT - pav bhaji macaroni pasta
Pav Bhaji Pasta

The next dish that I was served was the Cheese Pav Bhaji Macaroni Pasta. This one was off the menu and is in its “beta” phase. Like the name suggests this one had macaroni tossed in the bhaji with cheese grated on top just like the bhaji is served. The pasta had strong spicy flavour and the cheese absolutely completed the taste. I also tried to taste the pasta without the cheese but somehow felt that the macaroni diluted the taste a little since the macaroni itself has no taste of its own also because the macaroni didn’t really absorb the taste of the bhaji. So the cheese completed the flavour.

Please note that for all the flavours you can choose from three options of pasta viz; penne, spaghetti and macaroni. The prices slightly vary based upon your choice.

TDT - paneer pakoda tacos
Paneer Pakoda Tacos

After the “zabardust” round of pasta it was time for tacos. The menu had some catchy options like Ragda Pattice Tacos, Chana Pindi Tacos and Paneer Pakoda Tacos; I opted for the Paneer Pakoda Tacos which again is their best-selling item. I loved this unique desi twist to the taco. Soft paneer pakodas were laid over a bed of purple cabbage and onions topped with mustard mayo. What surprised me was that it wasn’t dry at all. The sauce added a delicious zingy flavour that I totally loved.

My road of desi twists and turns came to end with Blueberry Mousse and Belgian Chocolate Cup Cake. The blueberry mousse was a tad bit sweet for my taste but the cupcake was simply awesome! Unlike the cupcakes I’ve had at many places this one was very soft, moist and very chocolaty. It didn’t stick in my mouth and was loaded with chocolate creamy. The only minor downside were the big sugar balls sprinkled on the top of the cream which added to an unnecessary extra crunch to the cupcake. The small balls were ok. If you get rid of those balls then the experience was super! I came the next day and picked up 6 of the cupcakes, 3 each of Belgian Chocolate and Red Velvet flavour. The Red Velvet cup cake was also very good and not overly sweet like one would expect which in fact made it even better.

TDT - blueberry mousse
Blueberry Mousse
TDT - cupcakes
Red Velvet & Belgian Chocolate Cupcakes

TDT also believes in being as eco-friendly as possible. For this reason they served in biodegradable Areca plates. The parcels are also given in recyclable bags. Over all I had a great time at TDT and am surely visiting them again.

TDT - Tejas biting a taco
Biting into the Paneer Pakoda Taco
TDT - Rupal Vedant
The Woman behind those Desi Twists – Rupal Vedant
TDT - with Rupal and Chandani
With the Desi Twisters – Rupal & Chandani

TDT - testimonials

P.S. They’re also gonna start serving Quesadillas soon with desi twists like malvani paneer and aloo paratha!

I was invited as a Food Blogger to try out this interesting place.

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