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Arty Brunch At Fratelli Fresh

Imagine yourself sitting by the window with your dear ones, overlooking a beautiful lake with a delicious margherita pizza and a glass of white wine. Sounds like an ideal setting for a lazy Sunday Brunch doesn’t it. Now what if I ask you to bring into this picture a unique collection of art also around you. And what if I also tell you that you also get to experience the artist creating one of his master pieces right in front of your eyes. It couldn’t possibly get better than that you must be thinking I’m sure.

Guess what? This is not a fancy but the real experience I had at Fratelli Fresh, Renaissance Powai. Renaissance at Powai is known for it’s gorgeous property overlooking the Powai lake. To add to this lovely view, on one side we had the renowned artist Ram Indranil Kamath’s showcase of beautiful Glass Painting while on the other side we had Renaissance’ Italian chef – Chef Cristian Cabrera preparing a delicious spread for us.

Ram Kamath’s vibrant art work was really impressive. I had never experienced such brilliant and absorbing glass paintings before. My words would not do justice to describe the enchanting artwork. Out of all the paintings exhibited, my personal favorite was this painting of Lord Hanuman. There was some energy in this painting that attracted me. I was glued on to it for at least a couple of minutes.

Lord Hanuman Glass Painting by Artist Ram Indranil Kamath
Lord Hanuman Glass Painting by Artist Ram Indranil Kamath

After experiencing some awe-inspiring collection of glass paintings it was time to dive into a delicious Italian Fair. I was welcomed by this huge spread of desserts before I stepped foot towards the salad and the main course sections. I somehow just controlled myself and moved on to the salad section. The section comprised of a wide variety of salads, breads and cheese. Out of all the dishes, Burrata won my heart. Burrata is a fresh Italian cheese made from mozzarella and cream. The outer shell is solid mozzarella, while the inside contains both mozzarella and cream, giving it an unusual, soft texture. This was my first experience with Burrata and I just loved it. There was also an interesting variety of breads. The freshly baked breads were so soft that they would melt almost immediately you bite them. The flavour I tried were: Burnt Onion, Jalapeno Parmesan and Potato Pesto.

Burrata - Fratelli Fresh - Chef Cristian
Caramelized Onions Bread - Fratelli Fresh - Chef Cristian
Caramelized Onions
Round 1 - Brunch at Fratelli Fresh by Chef Cristian
Round 1 – Brunch at Fratelli Fresh by Chef Cristian

Just when our first round had gotten over, Chef Cristian came to greet us. A very humble and smiling fellow, Chef Cristian enthusiastically explained us the details of his style of cooking. He told us how every dish was prepared using the classic Italian methods. The sauces used in the recipes were home made which gave a very authentic Italian taste to the dishes. I had a nice time chatting up with Chef Cristian.

What truly made my taste buds happy was the margherita pizza and the Fratelli white wine. The pizza was simple, had just the right amount of flavours and felt so easy to eat. May be I was just in for some subtle flavours to complement a lazy sunday afternoon mood. The white wine again felt like the right drink with the delicious pizza. The blonde color of the wine was quite attractive too. I quite enjoyed the Ravioli. There was sufficient stuffing between the thin sheets of pasta and had a pleasing taste. Next I decided to order the home made Spaghetti in Aglio Olio sauce. This was a major let down. Not only did it not have any flavour at all but also was very oily and I felt like was just having Spaghetti tossed in oil. The baked pasta however was really packed with flavors. Covered in a decadent cream sauce and dusted with parmesan, this fusili pasta dish was worth a second helping. The lasagna had an alluring aroma and was very tasty as well.

Margherita Pizza - Fratelli fresh - Chef Cristian
Margherita Pizza
Spaghetti Aglio Olio - Fratelli Fresh - Chef Cristian
Spaghetti Aglio Olio
Jalapeno Cheese Buns - Fratelli Fresh - Chef Cristian
Jalapeno Cheese Buns

After a palatable main course it was time to treat ourselves with the desserts. The tantalizing spread guaranteed to make any dessert lover drool was waiting to be gorged. It was really really hard to make up my mind about where to start from. Fratelli had a fantastic spread of gourmet chocolates. The fondue was really nice too. The macrons were too sweet for my taste. The other desserts were okay. They had interesting options of ice creams. I particularly loved the apple caramel flavour.

Chocolate Fountain - Fratelli Fresh - Chef Cristian
Chocolate Fountain
Macrons - Fratelli Fresh - Chef Cristian
Dessert Spread - Fratelli Fresh - Chef Cristian
Dessert Spread

All in all is was a good experience. Personally I preferred the main course over the desserts. I was invited here by the Food Blogger Association of India (FBAI) as a part of R Art Series event. FBAI is a brilliant initiative to bring food blogger, chefs & food enthusiasts together on a gastronomical journey.

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