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Dinshaw’s Xpress Cafe

Dinshaw’s Xpress Cafe ( DXC ) is your express pass to a delightful grub experience. This grubzone offers some lip-smacking-finger-licking-good food without burning a hole in your pocket. DXC has a nice cozy ambiance. The Cafe is well lit with witty frames hanging on their doodled walls giving you a very young collegian vibe.

My grub tour started off with Supreme Belgium Chocolate Shake since I am a big time belgian chocolate fan. The shake lived upto my expectations, both in taste and presentation. I quite liked the bottle in which it was served. It was made to perfection and made me hungrier for what was to follow.

Supreme Belgium Chocolate Shake - Dinshaws Xpress Cafe Andheri - Khai Peene Jalsa
Supreme Belgium Chocolate Shake

Followed by the shake was the Dinshaw Special Herbed Fries – tender on the inside yet brittle; sprinkled with masala. The fries were served with three dips: barbecue, beetroot garlic and mayonnaise. Beetroot garlic was my favorite. It had a nice pink color and a flavour that made me dip my fingers in it when I ran out of fries. The mayo was more like ketchup mixed with mayonnaise making it taste like thousand island minus the vegetables.

Dinshaw Special Herbed Fries - Dinshaws Xpress Cafe Andheri - Khai Peene Jalsa
Dinshaw Special Herbed Fries

Cheesy messy fries was the next finger food we ordered. It had generous amount of liquid cheese poured on top of a bed of french fries. The spicy peri peri flavour infused in the cheese made me come for seconds. It was hard to keep my hands off it.

Cheesy messy fries - Dinshaws Xpress Cafe Andheri - Khai Peene Jalsa
Cheesy messy fries

The chilly cheese garlic bread was crisp and scrumptious.

Is your mouth already watering? Have a glass of water because what’s about to follow might dehydrate you 😛

The Apna Desi Veggie Kheema Pao was very delicious. Made from soya the kheema was full of flavours. If you’re a person with a thing for spicy taste then you’ll definitely love it. The pao were nicely buttered and soft.

Apna Desi Veggie Kheema Pao - Dinshaws Xpress Cafe Andheri - Khai Peene Jalsa
Apna Desi Veggie Kheema Pao

Next came the Cheese Nachos & Fries Pijja urf Pizza. If there’s something very different and wacky on the menu I’m sure to order it. I had been waiting to order CNF since I encountered it on the menu. This one is unlike any other pizza you’ve ever tried. For this one I’d quote Salman Khan’s dialogue from the movie Kick, “Mein dil mein aata hoon samaj mein nahi”. Unusual yet yummy taste with an enticing texture to lure you into having a couple of slices at least.

Cheese Nachos & Fries Pijja - Dinshaws Xpress Cafe Andheri - Khai Peene Jalsa
Cheese Nachos & Fries Pijja [CNF]

The Aglio Olio pasta were appetizing. We ordered Aglio Olio in penne and spaghetti. Both were equally good. The flavours of herbs, olives, bell peppers and garlic tossed in olive oil were detectable and offered a lovely experience. The pasta was cooked just right. The best part was it didn’t leave much oil behind unlike many other restaurants. If you’re a pasta fan I would definitely recommend this one.

Spaghetti Aglio Olio - Dinshaws Xpress Cafe Andheri - Khai Peene Jalsa
Spaghetti Aglio Olio
Penne Aglio Olio - Dinshaws Xpress Cafe Andheri - Khai Peene Jalsa
Penne Aglio Olio

The desserts we had here so sinful that even praying twice might not be sufficient, haha.

The hazelnut twist got our minds twisted in its awesomeness. Ferrero rochers, brownies, cookies with nuttella & fudge sauce topped with vanilla and chocolate ice creams drizzled with fudge sauce and nuttella and once again topped with ferrero rocher. I was like wwwhhaaattt!!! Mat lab aur kya chahiye life mein!! right?

The Hazlnut Twist - Dinshaws Xpress Cafe Andheri - Khai Peene Jalsa
The Hazlnut Twist

Wrong!! If you think Hazelnut Twist sorted your life then The Big 6 might just give you the “Moksh”. It was craziness to a whole new level. All your favourite chocolates brought together, topped with ice creams and served in a tower. It has mars, snickers, munch, twix and bounty layered between french vanilla and chocolate ice cream topped with toblerone. It can’t get better than this!
The Big 6 - Dinshaws Xpress Cafe Andheri - Khai Peene Jalsa
The Big 6

Overall the place serves some different and unique must-have dishes with absolute value for money. The generous quantity and a service with a smile makes me highly recommend this place.

I was invited to DXC by Trell-a-tale, an app that aims to help you discover local events and places through interesting tales and trails. Coming out soon.

Tejas Shah
Tejas is the Founder and Chief Food Blogger of KhaiPeeneJalsa. While people practice yoga as a stress-buster, Tejas takes to cooking. His craze for food is such that he can drive hundreds of miles for a delicious meal. For the most part, his world revolves around food.

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  1. Hi Tejas,
    Awesome review! Loved the way you have described your experience at DXC. It literally felt as if I was right there with you 😉
    Will definitely visit some time this week or the next. Great work with photography too.
    Just one suggestion if you can add a gmap link (or address) to your reviews, I did a google search and got the details but a map link to these awesome places would complete the experience.

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