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Coolest Winter With Imagica

On my way back, after a the whirling twirling power-packed super fun day at Universal Studios Singapore, I thought to myself when will India have such an amazing adventure park? My question was answered in 2013 when Adlabs Entertainment Limited built a gigantic adventure park spread across 300 acres near Mumbai called Adlabs Imagica. Imagica can accommodate close to 20,000 visitors. It offers entertainment, shopping, dining and accommodation. It houses 26 attractions, five themed restaurants, a hotel and a water park by the name Aquamagica.


There’s one thing I’ve learned from my visits to adventure parks around the world. Always go for the Express Pass. If you’re the kind of person who hates waiting in long queues, if you want to enjoy a couple of favourite rides multiple times and you always aim to cover majority of the park offerings then Express Pass is made for you. Without wasting much time we wore our express bands and entered the adventure land of Imagica.

Showing off our express pass
Showing off our express pass

We started off with a delicious breakfast prepared especially for us at Roberto’s Food Coaster. Roberto’s is a pure vegetarian restaurant with a special section for Jain people. Here they serve Mexican, Italian and Pan Asian in vegetarian avatar. The quality and taste of all the breakfast dishes was upto the mark. What we liked about the breakfast was that all the dishes were light on the tummy.

Aloo Paratha
Aloo Paratha
Mendu Wada with Sambhar
Mendu Wada with Sambhar
Breakfast Brownie
Breakfast Brownie
Watermelon Juice
Watermelon Juice
Honey Lemon Water
Honey Lemon Water

After a light breakfast and a brief information session by Imagica’s Executive Chef Veeraj, we headed for some real adventure. Since we had just had breakfast we started off with some indoor rides, first of which being I for India – a motion simulator ride that takes you to different parts of India and shows you a helicopter most spectacular, timeless beauty of landscape, snow caps, water bodies, monuments and lush beauty  projected on a 90 feet wide screen all in a matter of 20 minutes. For the first time in India has such a technology been implemented and its absolutely worth it. Mr. India – The Ride is again a motion simulator ride that is sure to entertain people of all age groups where the audience is made a part of  the story line in a fancy flying car recreating the magic of Mr. India. To me this was pretty much on the lines of Transformer Ride at Universal Studios from the technology stand point.

Now that the food in our tummy was a little settled, it was time to kick in the adrenaline mode. Rajasaurus River adventure is a travel ride set in the prehistoric times of dinosaurs. This fun trip starts with an adventure into the jungles with dinosaurs swinging at you. The dinosaurs look quite real and scary. There is a point where the huge dinosaur comes all the way to your seat and almost eats you up. That definitely scared a lot of us; for a second we thought it came to life! You exit out of the dino land with a 66 feet drop straight into the pool of water. Too much fun! Gold Rush Express is a cowboy style mini train roller coaster which gushes through mines, takes you several notches higher to 66 feet before parking safely back to the base station. Scream Machine is said to be the tallest ride of its kind in the country, today. The rotating pendulum not just oscillates, but also swings with long suspension mid-air. Finally we experienced Nitro, the mother of all rides that takes you through a complete adrenaline rush at a crazy speed and drops you from a breath taking height at a steep angle. A totally power packed ride that made me come back thrice!

We were all very hungry now. It was time for lunch and we headed to the ZeZe Bar+Grill in the Africa zone. Although primarily meant for non vegetarians, the restaurant did have some options for vegetarian. They had set us up with a cottage cheese appetizer, french fries and a biryani. Not exactly African but definitely delicious.

The Vegetarian Lunch
The Vegetarian Lunch
French Fries
French Fries
Veg Biryani
Veg Biryani

But that was just half of our lunch. The next half was continued at Red Bonnet, Imagica’s American cuisine offering. The food here was really good. From fries to shakes to burgers & wraps, we had it all and loved it all. I definitely would recommend this place.

Red Bonnet
Cottage Cheese Burger
Strawberry Shake
Cheesy Fries

The lunch had stuffed us and we were in a mood for a nap. We thought of getting ourselves a room at Imagica’s Novotel hotel but then eventually dropped the plan. Our amusement continued with Splash Ahoy – a wild water battle with water guns. The ride of Salimgarh took us through the dungeons & torture rooms of the gloomy fortress. Quiet a scary ride. The sun was setting and the evening was getting cooler and breezier. It was time for the Imagica Parade. We had Mr. India characters among the others dancing to wonderful music tunes. Many other characters and troops dancing created a joyous mood.





Imagica turned into a completely new world at night. The lightings made it look so beautiful. The night charm of Imagica was something else all together. I fell in love with the place. To me it looked incredibly beautiful at night. The place was glittering!






The trip came to an end with a lavish dinner with the characters at Imagica Capital. This was definitely the best meal of the day. A huge lip smacking spread that would make you cheat your diet plan. Interacting with the characters while dining was a fun experience. A must do at Imagica.







Imagica is definitely India’s answer to Universal Studios. But what makes Imagica stand out is it’s grub offering. I had never enjoyed food at an adventure park until I visited Imagica. I would recommend one to visit Imagica at leat once. The rides are truly comparable to international standards. The park has something to offer for all age groups, amusement is 100% assured. With Adlabs Imagica, India has it’s own flavour of Universal Studio. I had a wonderful time; spent my coolest winter with Imagica.



We were invited here as part of a food bloggers meet organized by Imagica and Seatrr. Seatrr is an online food discovery platform which suggests top dishes of a restaurant from starters to desserts thus removing the confusion of “what to order” inside a restaurant. They are introducing unique dish and cuisine rating for every restaurant which will help people to discover the best place to enjoy their favorite dish/cuisine. So why settle for overall rating of a restaurant when you are searching for specific dish or cuisine.



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