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Burma Burma


Burma Burma has been on our wish list for a long time now. Tucked away in a by lane of Kala Ghoda, Burma Burma only serves vegetarian versions of regional Burmese delicacies. Since it’s launch in 2014 the restaurant has been garnering rave reviews. The restaurant runs full almost always and the patrons have to wait for a week to ten days to get a reservation.

We began our meal with the Samuza Hincho and the Tohu Hincho. Those who are not aware of what Hincho means don’t be shocked because even we were not aware of it. Hincho is a Burmese word for Soup.

The Samuza Hincho is made in an unusual Burmese way where the ingredients consists of carrot,cabbage & capsicum and some peas mixed well in a tangy mixture soup where the surprise element was a samosa. Yes you read it right. A samosa !! Now who could have even thought of it.The samosa was dipped in this tangy soup and after taking a bite of it it weirdly tasted good. The samosa went will with the tanginess of the mixture adding a different taste to your palate.

The Tofu Hincho is a perfect choice to begin your meal with in the soup category.It is a nutritious soup prepared with vegetables and home made ‘Tofu’.Now it is not the regular tofu but itt is a Burmese bean curd.

Samuza Hincho


Tohu Hincho

There are many more such words covered with this visit to this fine dine restaurant.

Three Exotic Burmese  Salad

Well with the gen-y becoming more health conscious this had to be on the menu.

Any guesses ?

Well the answer is a salad.I’m sure you must have guessed it right and if not then nothing :p Better luck next time. Now salad in Burmese is called Thoke and it was not a normal salad but it was a mixture of three different ones.

The Three exotic Burmese salad consists of the laphet ,grape fruit and raw mango of which the laphet thoke (thoke : salad ) stood out. The laphet is a pickled tea leaf which is mixed well and served with crisp and roasted peanuts, toasted sesame seeds and fried onion. In the Myanmar cuisine it is said that the laphet leaves are the best leaves and undoubtedly they did taste really good.

While the food was being served the staff was very kind and courteous and provided us with all the information regarding the ingredients in the dish to the Burmese words. Very impressive !!!

We took a step further down the Burmese cuisine and called for the appetizers which were the Tohu Kyaw / Chilly Tangy Chickpea Tohu and Naan Pe Byaburmese / Naan wit Creamy White Pea

Don’t be fooled by these French fries looking chips when you call for the Tohu Kyaw. They are made from the Burmese tofu i.e from chickpea flour ( besan ka aata) served along with some fresh herbs.It really makes you feel the chickpea flour taste when you munch on it.

If you like trying out different dishes everytime you head out ,this can be one of your options.Now moving to the second appetizer. The Naan Pe Byaburmese!! It is a Burmese naan which is thick and fluffy served with sprouted white pea puree cooked in different spices , brown onion and coconut milk which gives the whole appetizer a different texture and taste . The naan when eaten with the curry does give that little odd taste but still suffices the taste buds.

Naan Pe Byaburmese –  Naan wit Creamy White Pea


Tohu Kyaw – Chilly Tangy Chickpea Tohu


IMG_1251With all this eaten it was time to feast upon the main course for which we had been waiting for ever since. The very famous Khow Suey and the Mohingar were served to us.

Mohingar is the national dish of Burma which can be eaten anytime at any occasion.It consists of thin rice noodles in a rich soup made from lemongrass,onion and banana stem.Each of the ingredients could be individually identified .It was that pure of a dish.

Well if there is anything with coconut as an ingredient and that brings a smile to many faces it is the Khow Suey. If the coconut milk served is not well cooked then the complete dish can go wrong.

The Oh No Khow Suey here was just out of the world.One of the best Khow Sueys eaten so far. The coconut milk was rightly cooked, not too thick nor too thin. One bowl filled with this beautiful lip smacking coconut milk mixed with different veggies was served along with array of toppings like the flat noodles,fried garlic,peanuts. Mix the toppings according to your needs and be lost in this amazing balance of flavours which burst open in your mouth. Skadooshh!! This was the dish of the day. No matter what you order,the Oh No Khow Suey has surely got to be one on your list.

Mohingar – The National Dish of Burma


Khao Suey served with condiments

Like it is said “there is always room for dessert “ and after downloading the beautiful Burmese food we called for desserts.

The Tagu Pyi An which a Burmese dessert is a coconut custard ring served with sago cooked with palm jaggery in the middle of this ring.The custard was airy and made to perfection with the coconut flavour standing out.If you love coconut then this is your dessert to call for.

Tagu Pyi An - Dessert at Burma Burma
Tagu Pyi An


Chocolate Caramel Dome

The second dessert was Chocolate Caramel Dome.The dome was in the shape of a rose and looked ordinary but little did we know that this rose was going to touch our heart.It was so delicious that one could eat one more of it. When the rich chocolate ganache dome burst open, the dark chocolate and the sea salt caramel inside the dome flowed out and having one bite of it made us feel heavenly.It was simply delicious.

All in all it was a great experience and we look forward to visit here again not only because of the food but also because of the humbleness of the staff towards its customers. We all love it when we are pampered and treated right and so did the staff here do so.

We would like to thank HSBC for giving us an opportunity to their Beyond Flavours menu at this exquisite vegetarian Burmese eatery.

Taste- 8IMG_3587

Service- 8

Value for money – 7

Free- Burmese language crash course



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