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The Sinful – Mockingbird Café Bar !!



“Mockingbirds don’t do one thing but make music for us to enjoy…but sing their heart out for us.That’s why it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird.” – Harper Lee

A two minute walk from the Churchgate staion and opposite the famous Gaylords restaurant is this newly opened cafe named The Mockingbird Café Bar.

Just opened a few days back ,this place has already created a buzz and why not?

This cafe not only serves you food which you love but also books to read which keep your mind at peace thereby attracting the college students and people working nearby.

It is a perfect place to hang out with your colleagues or friends and have a good time.This cafe has a separate section where people who want to binge on books or enjoy a drink or even do both.

We opened our wings with some really interesting appetizers.

Crispy baked potato skins curried with potato and cheddar to begin with.

Well , these potatoes were a good and heavy start to the meal . The crispy aloos topped with cheese make you feel full and being crispy it gives you the need to go for more but don’t stuff yourself with them there is more to eat and enjoy.

     Baked Potato Skins

Grilled aubergine rolls with sundried tomato and home made ricotta was up next.

The aubergines were sliced and rolled very well and with the ricotta inside it made the whole combination taste good. The thin slices of the aubergines won’t suffice your appetite and will want you to eat more. This also proves that all dishes need not be filling, dishes like these can also suffice.

     Grilled Aubergine Rolls

Now it was time to take off and we rightfully did so with the Bianco pizza.

Now if you are a cheese lover this pizza is simply to die for. It does not contain only one type of cheese or two but  5 different variants beginning with the melting mozzarella ,cheesy cheddar , grande gouda, marvellous mascarpone and the great goat cheese topped with a garlic fried spinach leaf. Each bite into the pizza bursts out different flavours which can be simple relished and cherished.

Nothing makes you smile than a good looking tasty pizza.

     Bianco Pizza


  Thai Curry

Creamy red thai curry with basil coriander rice was cueing up.

The thai curry was not overpowering but was balanced in flavours and texture. You can easily get disappointed when the curry is not cooked well but well the mockingbird has got it right and the combination with the basil rice just blends in. Have it when hot or else you will regret the taste later.

As the altitude increased with the above to entrants in came the Pav bhaji in a thai twist with buttered garlic pav.

Wow !! Serving pav bhaji in a cafe ? Well it was a bit surprising as the changing trends have made us forget our good old loved dishes but it is pav bhaji , how can you not like it ? This pav bhaji comes with a twist. It has a thai taste to it which you feel before it submerges down your food pipe. The pav were buttered with garlic and went well with the bhaji which was tasty.

 Pav Bhaji with a Thai Twist

Little did we know that this flying experience was going to get better when the Mushroom and Spinach Ravioli Caper Lemon Cream was called for.

This was the dish of the day. Perfectly cooked raviolis. Not too thin or thick but just perfect and with the filling of mushroom and spinach just mind boggling!! Raviolis were submerged in this beautiful cheesy lemon cream which just makes you feel lost in a dreamy world of happiness.

      Ravishing Ravioli

We didn’t want to settle with a normal reach in the air , we wanted to go higher and the desserts helped beautifully.

The Dark Chocolate Swiss Roll Berry Compte and Crème Anglaise was the first step to our incredible experience. This roll is a roll of joy and happiness. Engulfed in a dark chocolate coating and with the sweetness of the berries made us dig in for more with each bite.

The Sugarcane Sorbet is a heat killer. These sugarcane boulders give you the ganna taste literally and make you feel  fresh . Sucking on this sugarcane sorbet with ginger immersed in it gives you that coolness and relief from the heat killing you.

      Dark Chocolate Swiss Roll


       Sugarcane Sorbet

Warm Flourless Chocolate Fudge with Homemade Ice cream- Not only did it look but it tasted even better.The vanilla ice cream along with the chocolate fudge vanished before anyone could say anything about it.No it was not bad but it was that good that it disappeared into the tummies of everyone sitting around. The fudge was soft and not to dry or heavy. Perfectly made and you cannot go wrong with a chocolate fudge and if you do then…………..

Not all places serve tiramisu.Not everyone who serves it gets it right.But the tiramisu served at the mockingbird must be complimented.Served in a cute looking tiny flower pot , the tiramisu tasted delicious.There were no faults or complaints regarding this dessert. Just too good.

     Chocolate Fudge with Ice Cream


     Flowerpot Tiramisu

It was now time to escalate down and end this lovely air bourne experience.

This place really understands the meaning of hospitality. The staff was friendly and never kept us waiting with our orders and Mr.Deepak ,owner of this cafe gave us his valuable time and insights behind the opening of this cafe .


Taste – 7.5

Service – 9

Value for money  – 8

Free – A musical flying experience

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