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Bake Shop Review – Chocday – Ghatkopar East

Swiss Truffle and Mango Frazzer - Chocday - Ghatkopar East

The biggest guilty pleasures of today’s youth are shopping and desserts. While the weekly offers on ecommerce websites lure you into all kinds of purchases from gadgets to apparels to accessories every tenth instagram account tempts you with their drool worthy food pictures and more so with their sinful dessert shots. Now we’re not going to just sit there and stare at these alluring offers and pictures, are we?

Majority of us work out five out of seven days in a week. We are fitness / diet conscious and all that but don’t these enticing pictures just test our will power. I’m pretty certain that’s exactly why we came up with reasons like “beating the Monday blues” and days like “once a week cheat day”, to reduce that guilt feeling. Say whatever but I can never control myself if a nice dessert is kept in front of my eyes, it just demands to be eaten!! And this Monday the blues caught on to me so much that not only did I start making a shopping list but also binged on a Swiss Truffle, a Mango Frazzer and an All About Mousse from Chocday at Vikrant Circle, Ghatkopar East.

I liked the Swiss Truffle, the chocolate pastry (I admit I am little biased towards chocolate flavour). It was soft, moist, slighty gooey and tasted somewhere between milk and dark chocolate. The Mango Frazzer (mango flavoured fruit cake) was nice as well but a little too sweet for my taste. Again the cake was moist and creamy. It had a tiny slice of fresh mango on top. I liked that but would’ve appreciated if the slice was without the skin. All About Mousse had multiple layers viz. dark chocolate, milk chocolate, coffee and another light colored layer, which made it look very enticing. Note that you’ll need a long dessert spoon to really dig right till the bottom to scope through all the layers. While the texture of the mousse was nice and creamy what killed the fun was the thick layer of whipped cream on top which felt really unnecessary. So I removed the entire cream and then again scooped the mousse bottom – up, decent flavours. Each of these costs somewhere between Rs.85 – Rs.100

The These pastries were nothing to go gaga over but they did satisfy my cravings for the time being. Having said that I found them better than Monginis and Ribbons & Balloons. Chocday serves a variety of other items like shakes, waffles, sundaes, cakes in jars, breads and more.

Swiss Truffle - Chocday - Ghatkopar East
Swiss Truffle


Swiss Truffle and Mango Frazzer - Chocday - Ghatkopar East
Swiss Truffle and Mango Frazzer


All about mousse - Chocday - Ghatkopar East
All About Mousse

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