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MiBoNaSa – Navi Mumbai’s Finest Pan Asian Dining

Mee Goreng

YES!! Finally a place in Navi Mumbai that serves authentic Pan Asian cuisine. Palm beach road is home to one of the Navi Mumbai’s newly opened restaurant in the form of MIBONASA.

MIBONASA here speaks of migration, tradition and the consumer is floored by the intricate detailing to the dishes from regions across the world. It’s a family of four who had come up with MIBONASA and made sure that every dish has a story to tell.

They have brought something a little different to Navi Mumbai, since there weren’t many south East Asian restaurants here. They have all travelled south east Asia and wanted to bring those flavours here. The owners are- Mini Guha, Ashok Guha(Bobo), Nayantara Guha and Sangamitra guha. The word MIBONASA is the outcome of the first two letters of all four of them. Isn’t it innovative and fancy thought ?

They serve a variety of pan Asian dishes from Thailand, Japan, Burma, China, Indonesia and many more! Their aim is to keep bringing new and exciting dishes for their customers to try and the main ingredient to this restaurant is their chef SANDEEP who is based from darjeeling. He is always working hard to come up with new Asian fusion dishes, with exotic ingredients and nothing but the freshest food from wok to the table. All the proprietary sauces used are made in house by the chef which is more than commendable.

The first thing you notice about this restaurant is there is a huge wall painted with a piece of art that escorts you up the stairs. The wall artsy consist of a busy bustling market lane painted over Chinese newspaper which looked indeed beautiful!

Special mention to the menu- one of the most lurking and a balanced menu right from appetisers to desserts we have come across in recent times.

The highlighted part is MIBONASA serves JAIN FOOD too!

So now let’s start with some VEG food?

Veg Lemon Pepper Coriander Soup at MiBoNaSa
Veg Lemon Pepper Coriander Soup

Getting started with the soup, we were served VEG LEMON PEPPER CORIANDER SOUP. It was indeed a beautiful soup, so rich and green waiting in a hot tureen! This soup was correctly balanced with all its flavours . The flavour of pepper and green veggies enhanced the tastebuds, wanting to have it more and more. The soup had breathtaking and fresh aroma which was bursting out with flavours and is memorable much! A perfect soup for vegetarians to lift their spirits and stimulate their appetite with this fresh soup.

Let’s get little more healthy after having soup and talk about salad? We were served JAPANESE SALAD. The ingredients used in this salad were assorted greens, Japanese cucumber, mushrooms and wasabi mayonnaise dressing making it more authentic. Overall it was a well made, nice, green and healthy salad with certain uniformity and made perfect sense for those ingredients to share a bowl!

Appetisers are first impression to wow the guest right? They definitely wowed us to some extent.

KUNG PAO POTATOES was the first dish served which was tempting with the sauce drenched potatoes. If you love potatoes and Chinese cuisine then you will definitely love this dish. The potatoes were so crispy and the juicy sauce made it more lip smacking. It was perfectly balanced with its sweetness and spicy flavour. They were little bit of more salty but then a Must try!

The Assorted Sushi Platter
The Assorted Sushi Platter

Then comes Tulip Cube! It’s made of wonton nest filled with mixed vegetables and cheese. In a simple language they were more of a spring roll type. The flavours were correctly blended with the mixed vegetables but the layer covering those veggies in the form of cube was bit thick and not that crispy as expected. In all it was reasonable and could have got much better! Worth trying once.

Spiced Chinese cabbage rolls were up next. I have never been a fan of cabbage rolls until I tried this. It’s a steamed Chinese cabbage filled with fragrant rice and vegetables, topped with garlic and chilli butter. While cutting it really well the cabbage just blended very well with the rice and vegetables. Garlic and chilli butter gave it more of Asian flavour and were taste bud enhancers. Now this was a perfectly comfort appetiser and very well garnished.

I drink Mocktail because I am thirsty! Sitting back in the summer heat with a cold and nutritious drink can be one of the greatest pleasure in life. Many people opt for cocktails but mocktails — drinks minus the alcohol — can be just as satisfying.

P.s- they don’t serve alcohol, so ya :p

The Foolish Melon
The Foolish Melon

Starting with FOOLISH MELON. So don’t you get surprised because ya it’s a name of a Mocktail served in a fancy bulb kind of closed glass which was so easy on eye!

This Mocktail contained refreshing combination of watermelon, peach crush and orange juice I one container. Correct taste and flavour of this drink proved to be very cooling for our body! Moreover it was presented so artistically that one doesn’t even feel like touching it!

Up next served was SALTY SUMMER.

Salty summer is a combination of orange juice and pomegranate juice which is something very new or rare to come across. The drink is classically presented with the salt on the edge of the glass and orange, pomegranate inserted in a stick which was kept resting on the top of the glass. Salty summer didn’t impress me much because it was very much tangy then what a balanced flavour demands. Overall it was an average drink.

Salty Summers
Salty Summers

How about PEACH TEMPTATION? The name actually served it purpose and this Mocktail was so tempting! 🙂

Peach temptation is mixture of peach syrup, apple juice, orange juice, Sprite served in a Long glass! An orange slice was used as a lid on the glass which was like cherry on the cake:)

It was so sleek and soothing in taste! The sweetness was apt to suit ones preference. Do not miss out this drink!


It has such a killer combination of fresh watermelon, fresh basil and apple juice. The fresh basil taste at the end of the sip turned out to be a hero for this Mocktail. I think there was no sugar because the fresh watermelon itself had that light sugary taste and the apple juice made it more appetizing. The overall garnishing and presentation of this drink was so inviting and refreshing.

Watermelon and Basil Mash
Watermelon and Basil Mash

This is definitely on my top list of ways to beat the heat!

Oh wait! How can I say no to those cute dumplings who are staring at me and waiting for me to eat them?

STEAMED VEGETABLE DUMPLINGS were toothsome in real!

These dumplings were wrap in a thin flour base kind of sheet, each of it consisted tiny pieces of Chinese pickled vegetables stuffed in dough and correctly steamed. They were flavoured with rice wine and vegetable oyster sauce. The oyster sauce was boosting the flavour of dish and the rice wine balanced every layer of flavour in it. Overall the dumplings were perfectly moistened and cemented with delectable flavours giving an authentic touch. These dumplings were spectacular in every dimension good food should be.


Cottage Cheese Bao
Cottage Cheese Bao

COTTAGE CHEESE BAO was our very next dish after dumplings. The cottage cheese Bao also has tofu as substitute for cottage cheese. This dish consisted of a Bao with satay flavoured cottage cheese including lettuce and cucumber slices with their skin on! This dish was so soft and full of flavour. Would highly recommend to all the paneer lovers because this BAO was WOW in true sense!

What did Sushi A day to Sushi B? Wasabi :p

Then we were spoiled with sinfully delicious veg sushi and sushi cones!

Just look at that spread of sushi platter! 🙂 what a beauty! Slurrppp!!

The chef mastered of his craft on this platter because every piece of sushi was a miniature work of art and the overall taste was sublime. The platter had two different kinds of sushis, one was spicy corn roll and other was Avocado caterpillar roll with sushi cones, soy sauce and power pact wasabi.

The SPICY CORN ROLL includes deep fried corns, asparagus, carrots and avocado with a spicy sauce. The combination of overall sushi and the taste was so so good! Perfect consistency made it more mouth watering. I have NEVER tasted sushi this good! It was bit dry but the overall taste just balanced very well. A+ for the spicy corn roll.

The AVOCADO CATERPILLAR ROLL also was up to the mark and justified the definition of what a real sushi is! The flavours of avocado, cucumber, cream cheese with chefs special soy sauce balanced brilliantly with the rice!

So all the vegetarians give me a big hi5!! Finally a place where such lip smacking veg sushi is served! So what are you’ll waiting for? Just roll with it.

Mee Goreng
Mee Goreng

MEE GORENG was our next dish which turned out to be a best dish:p

MEE GORENG is a spicy dish with Indonesian noodles in a soy based and chilli sauce. It’s an Malaysian dish which is often found there at street stalls and now we can find this dish here at MOBINASA. This Indonesian dish was correctly in proportion with the onion, garlic and spicy paste. In the first bite I was in heaven. The noodles were a perfect balance of salty, spicy and dry tossed with vegetables like Chinese cabbage, broccoli, mushrooms, tofu and baby corn. This dish was beautifully garnished with red and yellow paprika and mint leaves. Such a comfort food!

To make us more fat we were then served last but not the least SRI LANKAN CURRY AND STICKY RICE.

Srilankan Curry
Srilankan Curry

Believe me when il say that this dish was the charm of the whole meal. It was delectably filled with fragrant curry of tamarind and fresh tomato flavoured with curry leaves and chilly paste. Curry was loaded with fresh vegetables like mushrooms, broccoli, zucchini and mint leaves. The authentic local spices, coconut and red chilies made it more flavoursome. The fresh aroma formed the strong base for this curry! Sticky rice and the curry were brilliantly complimenting each other. It was absolutely scrumptious with its creaminess and thickness when we talk about texture. Isn’t it tempting? Of course it is!! A must try curry! You’ll definitely miss out on some good food if you do not try out this dish!

It’s said that without desserts, there would be darkness and chaos! So let’s eat some desserts and not surround ourselves with darkness and chaos?



Thai Mango Fantasy
Thai Mango Fantasy


A fully loaded dessert with so many different fruits like kiwi, papaya,banana, mango! This dessert has a smooth mango mouse in the base which was so soft and correct in its texture that it melts in the mouth and leave you wanting for more. All the fruits were dipped and inserted in the mouse. There was a thin layer of coconut and sago between the mouse and the fruits which made it more delightful! Oh how can I forget chia seeds? They were star to this dessert! The overall dessert was so appealing and alluring.





Date and Nutella Pancakes
Date and Nutella Pancakes

This dessert is a popiah wrapper filled with the mixture of dates and chocolate hazelnuts, fried and served with vanilla ice cream! It is a very innovative dessert but somehow didn’t fancy me so much! The popiah layer was too thick and fried. The white mustard seeds on popiah layer couldn’t get along well for me. The sweetness was not balanced in dessert. This is because I think me not being a pancake fan maybe? So I would suggest all the pancake lovers or fans to go and try out this dessert and give their reviews on it.




Then comes the last and BOSS dessert!

Chocolate Bao
Chocolate Bao

Yes CHOCOLATE BAO was boss of all the desserts!!!

A steam bun stuffed with dark and white chocolate served with a separate bowl of chocolate sauce to pour on Bao! The Bao was so soft and chocolaty in taste with its correct consistency and moisture which made it more fluffy and inviting to eat. The bite of this Bao after pouring the chocolate sauce on it was so palatable and succulent!!! A commendable dessert so far I shave come across!

Not exaggerating but in real It was just not just a Bao of chocolate, but it was Bao of HEAVEN!

Visiting MIBONASA again specially for this dessert again!

There was no chance of any major complain or disappointment because we were continuously served with these delicious dishes one after by such kind a warm staff. The overall experience was spellbinding! Would definitely visit again to try out some more Innovative dishes. The service given was superlative by the impeccable polite staff! A highly recommended place for all the food lovers to add in their food palate.

So is it worth it?? Hell yeah!!

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