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It was Monday and the weekend fun had end but a visit to SOHO Tapas Bar made Monday Blues better.

A huge projector displaying the classics of Sir Charlie Chaplin welcomes you and gets you in a joyful mood. A small bar with high chair seating arrangement just made it look better. It even has an outside seating area where you can enjoy your chilled beer watching Rihanna’s new song or watching the Euro Cup matches. If you want have a fun and enjoyable night then this is the place to be.

This place is buzzing on weekends so make sure you reserve your table in advance or you will have to wait for your turn to have a good time.

A lot spoken about the place, now let’s get our attention to the food served.


Stuffed Pimentos de Padron


Stuffed Pimentos de Padron

If you like spice then this is nice HAHA !!

Bite into these bhavnagri chillies which were stuffed with cheese mushrooms and dipped in feta yogurt and be prepared to wipe the sweat off your face. The chilly really kicks in when you reach the last bite of it and BOOOOOM !! It hits you straight away and people suffering from high acidity should avoid this dish but for the mirchi lovers – GHEVUNTAK !!



Clay Oven Baked Wild Mushrooms


Clay Oven Baked Wild Mushrooms

All mushrooms are not edible but some are. It takes a lot of efforts to get a mushroom dish right and SOHO has got it spot on.

The mushrooms were perfectly made and there was a nice balance between the Indian spices and the tomato jalapeño relish spread over it . Mushroom lovers – ORDER THIS !!



Onion Rings

Onion Rings

From a kid to an adult , no one can resist onion rings. A side-dish that I binge on.

A perfect cheat dish for a cheat day.

Not too good not too bad but just serving its purpose.The BBQ sauce served along with it really helped with the little too spicy onion rings.





Zucchini Rebozado

Is it going to taste as good as it looks was the first question in my mind when I saw this dish coming up.

Very well presented , these parmesan zucchini lollipops did not only win my heart with the way it was presented but also with its taste. The crunchiness of the zucchini balls and the parmesan filling with the chipotle sauce was just DELICIOUS !!




The appetizers were delicious and couldn’t have been any better. Now it was time for main course.


3-Smoked Peppers –Red, Yellow & Bhavnagari Peppers 3-Cheese


3-Smoked Peppers –Red, Yellow & Bhavnagari Peppers 3-Cheese

Flat thin bread v/s Thick fat bread – Which one would you choose ?

The flatbread being lighter is easier to eat and has more crunchiness to it.

The flatbread came in and it looked delicious. Layered with red and yellow bell peppers, cheddar and mozzarella this bread was to feast on and more over it was CRUNCHY !! 


Inspirational Veg Lasagne – Kolhapuri Style



Inspirational Veg Lasagne – Kolhapuri Style

HAHAH !! The name of this dish itself makes you go for it. This is not your regular lasagne but  the desi version of it. Covered with a thin layer of mozzarella lies within the kolhapuri sabzi as you can name it,brings out a different taste and gives the whole dish a new definition. Only if it would have been a little more spicier ,the dish would have served its purpose.





Bakmi- Goreng


Bakmi- Goreng

These Indonesian stir-fried noodles which were served along hot wok,sweet soy sauce and asian vegetables was the DISH OF THE DAY !! It completely suited my palate and I just kept digging for more of it. It had a different taste of its own and big thumbs up to the chef for this dish.



After a scrumptious meal it was dessert time and what better than calling for CHURROS.




Churros is something that everyone likes and enjoys.The cinnamon added to it makes you feel at peace.The churros served were very well plated and were served with chocolate and toffee sauce. It lacked the cinnamon essence which let down the dish but they were still crunchy and good to eat.



Good Food = Good Day

So if you want good food + music + humour , then this is the place to be at !!



Value for money -9

Free- Laughter therapy


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