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Restaurant Review – Goa Portuguesa – Andheri Lokhandwala

Goa Portuguesa

There’s no question to ask how awesome our country is when we talk about our culture, food etc. Within this huge country there are ample of different and vibrant cuisines/food, that it’s a big task for any food lover to cover up all of them and add them to the must-eat list.

If we talk about cuisine of Goa then it is said that Goa cuisine is influenced by its Hindu origins, four hundred years of Portuguese colonialism, and modern techniques!

So don’t you’ll think the restaurant GOA PORTUGUESA is the most appropriate name ever given?

After visiting GOA PORTUGUESA which is located at Andheri (west) I can surely say that no where in Mumbai a maharashtrian can ever have such an authentic Goan and maharashtrian food!

GOA PORTUGUESA serves wide variety of Goan, Maharashtrian, North Indian and Seafood.

IMG_0284-01Starting with food we were first served with mandatory dish i.e soup named CALDO VERDE. Believe me when I say that yeah soup ne mera dil Jeet liya!!

This hot green soup was a mixture of potato puree and spinach cooked with milk! It was so creamy, smooth and thick! Spinach does have quite a bit of flavour and texture, so the potato puree really balanced it out. It was not at all mushy and overcooked.

So all you Popeye fans what are you’ll waiting for? You won’t understand till you taste, so try out ASAP!!!


Then we were served with

IMG_0305-01KHAMANG KAKADI SALAD- The most unexpected or unusual salad I ever got to taste. I tried it for the first time at Goa Portuguesa and fell head over heels in love with its taste texture. It is an excellent cooling and refreshing cucumber salad made with peanut powder and grated with coconut and tempered. There was NO MOISTURE in cucumber which made it taste more flavoursome. Do not miss this one if you are a vegetarian!





Okay so now let’s go to everyone’s favourite serving which is STARTERS!

MIX VEG & CASHEW CROQUETTE - Goa Portuguesa - Andheri Lokhanwala

MIX VEG & CASHEW CROQUETTE-  Usually a croquette is a small bread crumbed fried food roll, but here if we talk about this starter it has a cashew crumbed instead of bread giving it a maharashtrian touch! Freshly boiled vegetables were mixed and rolled with cashew giving it a delectable taste. It was served with some really delicious chutney which was very well balancing with the starter. Yes it was so palatable and yummy that we ordered it twice!

PANEER AND MUSHROOM PEPPER FRY - Goa Portuguesa - Andheri Lokhanwala

Up next was PANEER AND MUSHROOM PEPPER FRY- Isn’t it a lovely combo? Oh yes, it is! It had a unique Indian flavour and taste! Paneer was not at all chewy and being a mushroom fan I would say they were sooo juicy! Overall dish was perfectly blended with pepper and other aromatic spices. It also contained capsicums and onions tossed in the gravy and perfectly cooked!


KAJU KOTHIMBIR VADI - Goa Portuguesa - Andheri Lokhandwala

Then comes my favourite KAJU KOTHIMBIR VADI- So this classic Maharashtrian dish is a crispy fritter made with cashew nut, coriander & Gram flour cakes served with green chutney. It was so subtle in taste and not at all oily which was an important point to be noted and very well plated. A yummy starter which one should definitely try!

No gifts for anyone who will guess what’s next serving! Haha! It has to be Main Course.

TENDER COCONUT CASHEW NUT SUKKE - Goa Portuguesa - Andheri Lokhandwala

TENDER COCONUT CASHEW NUT SUKKE was the vegetable served with APPAM. I have no words for the spellbinding vegetarian dish from Goa! No exaggeration but I think it’s one of the best South Indian dish of my life. Juliennes of tender coconut & cashew nut served saluted with tomatoes, spring onions & Goan spices. It is beautifully served in a coconut which is so easy on eye! There was so much of freshness and richness in the taste and texture. Appam is a South Indian dish made with lacy pancakes of fermented rice batter which was completing in a very good way with this vegetable.

This dish has proved that each and every part of the coconut plant is useful in one or the other way!!!I would genuinely suggest this dish and I bet that it won’t disappoint you!


VEG KOZHAMBU & KACUTTI - Goa Portuguesa - Andheri Lokkhandwala

The other two vegetables served were VEG KOZHAMBU & KACUTTI.

VEG KOZHAMBU consists of Garden fresh vegetables cooked in coconut & tamarind base gravy. Tamarind based gravy had perfect tangy flavour. Overall the vegetable was very well balanced and flavours were popping out really well.

KACUTTI which is also know as Chacuti in Portuguese is famous Goan delicacy. It is cooked up with vegetables in coconut based brown curry with traditional spices. It was very rich and fresh in taste and gave a perfect Goan touch.

Both the vegetables were served with CHAPATTI & PAO.

Yes, it was time for some Rice then!

MASALE BHAT is the Maharashtrian delicacy which we were served. Rice were cooked in fresh vegetables and flavoured with Goda masala. Goda masala is a mixture is ingredients such as cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, bay leaf, white sesame seeds, coriander seeds, coconut flakes, cassia buds, dagad phool(lichen), and white and black peppercorns. Rice was perfectly cooked. This MASALE BHAT had an amazing combination of spicy flavours and texture. Must try!!

We were also served with some lip smacking cocktails and mocktails, out of which Fruit Punch was my personal favourite…

Fruit Punch - Goa Portuguesa - Andheri Lokhanwala
Fruit Punch

Still we chose to invite more calories and ended our dinner with some Sweet Tooth!

Pancakes of split Bengal gram, served with ghee….Ahh such a big name! Let’s give it some traditional name? Okay then I would name it as PURAN POLI!!!

Every bite of this dessert was delight to bite into! It was so hot, fresh and resplendent with the rich aroma of ghee. Yummiest!! If you are a true foodie/ Maharashtrian then you won’t miss out this dessert!

So while ending it, I would just say being a Gujarati I have become a true Maharashtrian food fan after visiting GOA PORTUGUESA!!! Thank you so much for having us, we are surely visiting again…..

Yes it’s worth it!

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