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Karaoke Night – The Beer Cafe – Khar

The Beer Cafe

Karaoke is a great way to spend time with your friends when everyone is in high spirits. All those shy bunnies in your gang turn out to be Bryan Adams’ and Taylor Swifts’ after a couple of pints and a little prodding.

One place I can think of to kick in your weekend with homies over drunk melodies is The Beer Cafe at Khar. After a week full of work all you need is some beer, good food, friends and crazy fun. The Beer Cafe gives you just that.

Want to sing your heart out while guzzling down Doppelgänger? Sure, head to the Karaoke Night at 8pm. Want to simply unwind over some pizza and Bira Blonde? Sure, head right to the pool table with your buds. Games like pool and beers like Bira can get some good conversation started.

We were here for the #GuiltlessTable hosted by our friends at Guiltless Foodies. The night started with 5 onces of everyone’s favourite beers. Guzzling down several pints gave life to the Chris Martins’ and the Madonnas’ amongst us. While the rockstars were performing some of us were glued to the Pool table shooting the stripes and solids. The Beers left the palate craving for a savoury course. While the HULK and GARDEN VEG PIZZA are our all time favorites at TBC, the VEG BIRYANI was deliciously spicy. We quite liked the Penne Arrabita as well.

What we love about TBC is the variety of beers they offer and a fairly reasonable price. The place is always buzzing. The music is good and the vibe is chilled out. Couple all this with a set of super-friends and your Friday night couldn’t get better.

The Beer Quote 03 The Beer Cafe Khar
The Beer Quote 03
The 5 ounce Beer
The 5 ounce Beer
Doppelgaenger with Garden Veg Pizza - The Beer Cafe Khar
Doppelgaenger with Garden Veg Pizza
The Beer Quote 02
The Beer Quote 02
Penne arrabiata - The Beer Cafe - Khar
Penne Arrabiata
The Beer Quote 01
The Beer Quote 01
Beer Battered Onion Rings - The Beer Cafe - Khar
Beer Battered Onion Rings
Bombay Masala Sandwich - The Beer Cafe - Khar
Bombay Masala Sandwich

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