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U.S. Fresh Fruits presents Fruit-a-thon

USA Fresh Fruits Fruit-a-thon

“Every time you eat or drink,
You’re either feeding a disease or fighting it.”
~ Heather Morgan

Today we are all living a fast paced life. When we’re speeding through our days turning to fast food is a natural choice. Who has the time to spend on cooking a meal, correct? With increase in the consumption of the unhealthy fast food the health risks and associated diseases are also on a rise. There’s a new term coined to address these; “lifestyle diseases”. There’s no doubt that our diets have gone for a toss!

The time has come when we stop neglecting our diets. The time has come when we need to start taking steps towards a healthy lifestyle by healthy eating and the easiest way to do that is to include more “fresh fruits” in our diets. A fruit doesn’t need to be boring; fruits can be incorporated into your lifestyle in the most interesting ways! Like the ordinary Apples and Pears are a delight to make shakes, dips, salads and even desserts from!

In an attempt to encourage the people towards fruit consumption, U.S. Fresh Fruits organised Fruit-a-thon where the participants were given a challenge they couldn’t refuse! They were asked to devour delicious fruit recipes prepared using USA Pears and Washington Apples; like seriously, who would say no to that, right? The participants that volunteered for the #USFreshFruitathon challenge were divided into three teams with four participants each viz. The Fruit Kings, The Fruit-Tellas and The Fruit Maniacs. One member from each team had to participate in one round of the four round long competition.

The challenges had a simple rule. The first to finish wins! Now coming to the interesting question, what were these participants served and what were the rounds like? Here are the details:

1.    Shake It Up – A large jug of heavenly Apple Milkshake! No surprises here! The first person to finish the jug wins.

2.    Salad Salsa – A large bowl of Apple and Pear Salad deliciously sinful, you couldn’t tell its healthy!

3.    Dip-a-licious – Eat as many Crackers with the Creamy Apple Dip that will leave you wanting more…

4.    Muffin Topper – Healthy Green Apple Cinnamon Muffins that you can eat to your heart’s content without feeling guilty!

USA Fresh Fruits Fruit-a-thon
Round 1 – Shake It Up


USA Fresh Fruits Fruit-a-thon
Round 2 – Salad Salsa


USA Fresh Fruits Fruit-a-thon
Round 3 – Dip-a-licious


USA Fresh Fruits Fruit-a-thon
Round 3 – Participant all set to binge on the cracker


USA Fresh Fruits Fruit-a-thon
Round 4 – Muffin Topper


USA Fresh Fruits Fruit-a-thon
Round 4 – Participants gorging on the Apple Cinnamon Muffins
Tejas Shah
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