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The Chocolate Room – Ghatkopar’s Flavour of the Season

Thank God It's Sundae - The Chocolate Room Ghatkopar

When you visit a place thrice in a week, twice on a weekday and once on a weekend, and you don’t get a table even after 45 minutes of waiting you know that there is something special about the place. It has been just a month since The Chocolate Room has opened its doors in Ghatkopar and it has already become people’s favourite.

Although it is a franchise of the popular Australian chain, this one truly stands out. I liked everything about it. The food, the décor and the boss lady – Bhupali Shah. A down to earth and passionate woman whose aim is to offer you food she loves to eat in an ambiance she could pass time endlessly. Bhupali is a MBA grad from Indira College Pune and is currently pursuing PhD in Commerce.

“I had always dreamt of owning a cafe. During my foreign travels, every time I visited a quaint cozy cafe I would tell Nainesh (her husband) of how much I wished to own one myself,” says Bhupali contentedly.  She adds, “We picked up inspiration from a lot places while designing the bistro. We clicked pictures of every place we visited that had certain ingenuity and spent endless days scrolling through Pinterest as well, gathering ideas.”

Talking about the food, the menu of The Chocolate Room is vast and offers a refreshing variety. My favorites – Farmer’s Brunch Crepe, Cottage Cheese Panini, Nutella Belgian Frappe, Death by Chocolate Pancake, Banana Marshmallow Chocizza and Thank God Its Sundae. It is an all day menu.

The Farmer’s Brunch is served at room temperature. It is an interesting combination of coleslaw rolled in a crepe with savoury Mexican gravy poured on top. The Cottage Cheese Panini was delicious, so was the sinful Death By Chocolate Pancake. I really enjoyed the Nutella Belgian Frappe. It was thick, aptly sweet and moderately bitter to give you hint of belgian dark chocolate.  As far as the TGI Sundae goes, just eat it! No one has relished food while counting calories. The Banana Marshmallow Chocizza, that’s one of a kind. What does it taste like? I am going to leave that for you to find out.

About the ambience. Bhupali has created a quaint and charming space. The lights give a warm glow to the indoor seating which comprises of sofa tables as well as ones with high raise chairs. But the most charming of them all is the table with ceiling suspended swings. They also have a wall stacked with several board games at your disposal. You can buy a variety of chocolate confectioneries and cakes off the shelf at TCR. The Chocolate Room also offers a lovely outdoor seating that gives a subtle European feel with its white tables, green leafy walls and a checkered floor. Bhupali has travelled from Colaba to Bhiwandi with Nainesh to handpick the artefacts that are integral to the décor of the store.

Its quite a perfect place for creative minds, casual hangouts, meetings, kitty parties or even a private party. So next time you want to hire a place for a celebration, think of The Chocolate Room. They do that, too. TCR has definitely become my go to place in Ghatkopar.

Food & Beverages

Nutella Belgian Frappe - The Chocolate Room Ghatkopar
Nutella Belgian Frappe
Thank God It's Sundae - The Chocolate Room Ghatkopar
Thank God It’s Sundae
Brownies and Cookies - The Chocolate Room Ghatkopar
Cookies and Brownies
Death by Chocolate Pancake - The Chocolate Room Ghatkopar
Death by Chocolate Pancake
Cottage Cheese Panini - The Chocolate Room Ghatkopar
Cottage Cheese Panini
Farmer’s Brunch Crepe - The Chocolate Room Ghatkopar
Farmer’s Brunch Crepe

The Decor

Decor - The Chocolate Room Ghatkopar

Table with Ceiling Suspended Swings - The Chocolate Room Ghatkopar
The Swingy Table
Outdoor Seating - The Chocolate Room Ghatkopar
Outdoor Seating
Indoor Seating - The Chocolate Room Ghatkopar
Indoor Seating
Stock of Board Games - The Chocolate Room Ghatkopar
Stock of Board Games

Decor - The Chocolate Room Ghatkopar


And Finally…

The Boss Lady - Bhupali Shah - The Chocolate Room Ghatkopar
The Boss Lady – Bhupali Shah


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