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Tantalizing The Tastebuds with a Sassy Spoon

French Onion Soup with White Cheddar Croute, The Sassy Spoon Bandra

The writer in me is always in an exploration mode, looking for interesting stories in people and places alike. That’s the reason why I always look for places: cafes, restaurants, parks et al, where I can sit at ease and make an interesting conversation with a person. One such place is The Sassy Spoon at Bandra.

The restaurant gives a very warm and relaxed yet a sophisticated vibe from the moment you step your foot inside. The interiors are very tastefully done. From an entire wall dedicated to bread boxes to the flowers creeping along the wall, every element of The Sassy Spoon contributes to an ambiance that is reminiscent of a patio. As I took a look around the place, with a grinning face, I thought to myself – The Sassy Spoon certainly knows how to make a lovely first impression.

I took a table meant for two people in the external seating area, which was air-conditioned, and patiently waited for my date for the evening, the potpourri girl, Taarini. Just after she arrived, we were presented a specially curated menu for The Gourmet Fest by Axis Bank. Without much ado we scanned the menu, decided our order, discussed it to confirm our choices and ordered from all sections, all at once; we were both famished! But we did tell our server to serve us our next course only after we finished the previous one.

The Gourmet Fest by Axis Bank Menu at The Sassy Spoon
The Menu

While Taarini picked the non-vegetarian dishes for herself, I chose from the vegetarian options. Since non-vegetarian food is out of the scope of this blog, I’ll share my experience only of the vegetarian dishes. So I started off with the French Onion Soup served with White Cheddar Croute. The moment our first course arrived, the food bloggers within us, jumped to action. After a dozen of clicks, snaps, and tweets, we settled down in our chairs to relish our round one.

The soup was a delicious one. I personally like this soup a lot because of it simple flavours. Made with vegetable stock, the soup has a sweet taste imparted by the onions and is seasoned with salt and pepper. A typical french onion soup is traditionally served gratinéed with croutons and cheese on top or a large piece of bread. Staying true to the traditional preparation it was served with a large round piece of white cheddar croute – a piece of toasted bread with melted cheddar cheese on top. Thank you Taarini for recommending this one.

French Onion Soup with White Cheddar Croute, The Sassy Spoon Bandra
French Onion Soup with White Cheddar Croute

A little fuel in our stomach gave hunger pangs a rest. Both of us, being food bloggers and writers, we had a gala time talking and sharings views about common interests. While we were a little into our office stories, our second course arrived. I had chosen the Zucchini & Sweet Potato Roesti with Ratatouille. It was incredibly delicious. A roesti is a swiss dish mainly comprising of grated potatoes made in style of fritters. My taste buds were overjoyed to experience such a unique combination zucchini and sweet potato topped with ratatouille – my favourite french stewed vegetable dish. The flavours of onion, garlic, tomato, herbs and cheese in the ratatouille were perfect. The entire experience of this dish was very delightful.

Zucchini and Sweet Potato Roesti, The Sassy Spoon Bandra
Zucchini and Sweet Potato Roesti

The second course was quite a filling that left us feeling full and satisfied. But you know what they say, ‘there’s always room for desserts’. We asked our server to wait for a bit longer before serving us our desserts: Blueberry Panacotta and Orange & Chocolate Entremet. While our stomachs made some extra space for the final course, Taarini shared her experience of her recent travels, both foreign and local.

Our desserts arrived and after another round of snapping and tweeting we dug right into them. The blueberry pannacotta was a slight let down. The pannacotta in itself was very bland but when eaten with the blueberry pulp is was alright. Although the texture of the pannacotta was perfect, I would’ve appreciated a more detectable taste. On the other, the orange and chocolate entremet was brilliant! For the uninitiated, an entremet, in terms of the pastry world, is typically a multi-layered mousse-based cake made of different textures like cakey, creamy, crunchy, jelly and moussey. On cutting the baby dome open we could see three different layers: the top being a jelly-like chocolate, middle being a slightly bitter chocolate mousse and the bottom being cakey. The dome was surrounded by crumbles that added the crunch, as it can be seen in the picture below.

Blueberry Panacotta
Blueberry Panacotta, The Sassy Spoon Bandra


Orange & Chocolate Entremet, The Sassy Spoon Bandra
Orange & Chocolate Entremet

The overall experience of The Gourmet Fest menu at The Sassy Spoon was a delightful one. I would’ve liked if the soup and the appetizers weren’t clubbed in one course since both were equally tempting and it felt a bit unfair to make a choice between the two. Nevertheless, it was a well-curated menu.

We thank FBAI for giving us an opportunity to experience the Bandra outlet of The Sassy Spoon with The Gourmet Fest by Axis Bank.

Khai Peene Jalsa with The Good Life Pot Pourri
Happy Us after a happy meal

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