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Long gone are days where one would watch a movie and much on a samosa, a chutney sandwich or the salted popcorns. With the current set of audience always looking forward to a larger variety of snacks to choose from, movie theatres are constantly revising their munching menu.

Over the years, movie theatres have included flavoured popcorns, hotdogs, burgers, flavoured boiled corn, pizza and even full course meals. At INOX, one of the leading cinema chain in the country, they decided to take it a notch higher.

To break the monotony and stick to their ethos of constant innovation, INOX amped up its game and came up with a MUCHOLICIOUS idea. Enter (“drumrolls”) INOX MUCHOS.

INOX MUCHOS houses completely new flavours popcorns, nachos and handcrafted kettle chips.

Movie experience is incomplete without the crunch of those puffy popcorns. With the new flavours INOX aims to make the customer experience merrier.

The 2 sweet variant in popcorns are the Pineapple Chilly and Toffee Caramel.

While we really liked the Toffee Caramel flavour for its toffee undertone, if you are looking to try something really fancy with a spicy punch, we recommend you try Pineapple Chilly. The chilly kicks in once you gulp down the corn. A stunning combination!

Next is the naughty nachos as I like to call them. They come in three different flavours.

  1. Salsa Mexicana
  2. Piri Piri
  3. Cheese Jalapeno

Each pack has different balance of flavours and the best part of these INOX MUCHOS NACHOS is that you get a CHEESY DIP within the pack.

Now isn’t that really cool!

Moving on to their final offering: the Kettle Chips. These chips are handcrafted, your regular processed chips. They are your homemade chips that bring out a feel that is reminiscent of binging on chips on your home couch.


All of the above packs have a shelf life of 6 months and they are not only available at the INOX outlets but also in retail stores near you. If you loved any of these new offerings by INOX, you can continue to devour them when you want, where you want and how you want.

I thank INOX Movies for this great experience and also for the screening of XXX : Return of Xander Cage.

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