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Sizzle House – A New Home For Pan Seared Delights

Thai Me Up Sizzler

I must have been around the age of 5 years when my father introduced me to sizzlers. As a child, my fascination for sizzlers lied in the hissing sound it made and the smoke it emitted. I enjoyed blowing its smoke while it sat in front of me, searing the contents in the metal plate (I enjoy doing that even today). Ever since I have been an admirer of sizzlers.

If this answer on Quora is to be believed, sizzlers root from the teppanyaki-sizzled dishes of Japan. The dish is then believed to have travelled to the USA, after the World War II, somewhere in the 1950s, where it gained its popularity. Sizzlers are popular and available across the world, with every region giving it their own unique flavours.

What makes sizzler interesting is that one can really play with ingredients and combinations to create delicious new flavours. On those lines is Sizzle House – a cosy restaurant located in the buzzing part of Shivaji Park that serves a variety of sizzlers, made by combining local ingredients with a modern style of cooking.

As we set foot into the cosy sizzle house, a huge and quirky comic art painted on the right wall caught our fancy. It was a funny take on the urban life. The warm lighting in the restaurant gave it a more casual and relaxed appeal. We took a good look at the seating arrangement and caught a corner table near the kitchen door.

Home-made garlic bread
Home-made garlic bread. Shot by – Palak Shah

Once we were settled in our seats, the waiter served us a complimentary portion of home-made garlic bread with herbed butter. The bread was soft, flavourful and melted in our mouth. We started our gastronomical journey with Hotch Potch Nachos and Mexicolo Satay. The nachos were perfect – crisp, loaded with cheese and paprika to spice up the flavour. It was served with beans and salsa. The satay was sort of a Mexican take on the Cottage Cheese Satay from the Asian menu. The dish was made of long pieces of cottage cheese marinated in a Mexican sauce, served on sticks. While the quality of cottage cheese was really nice, we would’ve appreciated stronger flavours in the marination. It was served with a sweetish salsa sauce which went well with the dish.

Mexicolo Satay
Mexicolo Satay. Shot by Palak Shah

To cleanse our palate for the main course, we ordered Berry Iced Tea and Peach n Passion Iced Tea. The fruit flavours were mild and the tea base was rather strong which gave it a slightly bitter aftertaste. Average stuff.

Cheesy Pav Bhaji Sizzler
Cheesy Pav Bhaji Sizzler. Shot by – Palak Shah

Like I mentioned earlier, sizzler leaves a lot of room for innovation. One such innovative flavour that caught our attention was the Cheesy Pav Bhaji Sizzler. Bhaji stuffed between soft burger buns, topped with liquid cheese and served with onion rings on a hot plate. This was a sizzling fresh take on Mumbai’s favourite street food. The beautiful presentation definitely made it “instagram-worthy”. As far as the taste goes, it was nice, nothing really out of the box. It looked great and all that but I wasn’t sure if I liked having pav bhaji as a sizzler.

Thai Me Up
Thai Me Up

I thoroughly enjoyed the Thai Me Up Sizzler. The aroma of basil in the rice was beautiful. The taste of coconut and lemongrass based Thai green curry was on point. The dish was complete with cottage cheese skewers and crispies. If you’re a Thai food fan then this one will surely please your taste buds.

Choco Chip Popping Pizza
Choco Chip Popping Pizza

After a hearty round of appetisers, iced teas and sizzlers, it was time for desserts. We finished our meal with the Choco Chip Popping Pizza. Now, this is one dessert you absolutely gotta try here at Sizzle House. Imagine a gooey brownie disk topped with a layer of Nutella, white chocolate shavings and M&Ms. Does it sound like a hell lot of calories? No, it sounds like a hell lot of awesomeness.

My rate card:
Food – 3.5/5
Ambience – 2.5/5
Service – 4/5

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