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Going Asian at Kuai Kitchen

Moving out of your comfort zone is never easy especially while deciding which cuisine will satisfy your palate. I have always been finicky when it comes to having Asian or Japanese cuisine due to past experiences. Besides, I am not very comfortable using chopsticks (thanks god for forks). But one rotten egg doesn’t spoil the entire batch.

In the busy fashion street of Colaba, is this new eatery which grabs attention with its eye-catching interiors and use of bright colours. This Asian kid is making his presence felt strongly.

Is it all talks? Or does it really live up to the hype? Let’s find out.

Dragon Phoenix Soup

The Dragon Phoenix Soup which came in first was a gustatory delight. The consistency of the soup was thick, healthy with ingredients like carrots, corn & tofu to name a few, making it delightful to have.

Going healthy is the new trend and the Spicy Veg Papaya salad helps. The shredded green papaya is mixed with soy sauce, lime juice, chillies and roasted peanuts. The chillies really bite in but the flavours of the dish make you dig in for more.

One can nibble upon the Sesame potato on toast and can never have enough of it. Crunchy bread base layered with mashed potatoes and topped with sesame seeds was one tasty appetiser – a must have.

The essence of a dumpling lies in the marriage of flavours created with minced vegetables, wrapped in a thin layer of dough. This vegetable coriander dumpling was cooked well and the chemistry of the flavours was strong and came out well.

Veg Coriander Dumpling

A veg sushi? One would say it’s useless to have a veg sushi but vegetarians can do wonder and so did this Crazy Cream Roll Sushi & Asparagus Tempura Roll.The cream roll & asparagus sushi rolls respectively brought out different flavours. Not everyone can like a sushi but if you do, you are in for a joyride, mate.


Cream Roll Sushi

The burnt garlic veg rice served along with the Kuai special mixed vegetable soya chilli garlic sauce, tastes beautiful. The vegetables are cooked to perfection with the right amount of chilli sauce not overpowering the taste of the entire dish and making rice eaters content.

Thai style Pak Bong is an authentic Thai dish which has water spinach as its main ingredient mixed with soy sauce, garlic, chillies and other spices giving it a unique flavour. If you want to be as strong as Popeye and if your love for spinach is constant, Pak Bong should be on your list.

It was heartbreaking to dig into these cute looking panda balls but a dessert cannot be cherished unless its shape is disturbed. The Chocolate Kuai Pie really brings a smile to your smile when the gooey chocolate bursts open and makes you feel happy.

Chocolate Kuai Pie

The only let down were the mocktails which left us thirsty in this heat and kept our throats dry.

Overall, Kuai manages to stand apart from its competitors in terms of flavours, ambience and staff which is very courteous. This little QSR with its offerings is surely being a tough competitor. If you are hustling away in the busy shopping streets of Colaba and around and desire to munch on Asian cuisine, Kuai is the place to be.

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