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Exploring Open Skies With Groovy Music and Sheeshas at Qbaa Terrace

The city of Mumbai is known for its skyline – rad and beautiful! This makes it an ideal destination for rooftop restaurants. The latest entrant in the city’s open-to-sky restaurants is Qbaa Terrace. Located in the centre of Malad, this quintessential bar is characterised by lavish interiors, fancy sheeshas and groovy music. Enhancing the overall experience is the breathtaking view of the skyline and that of the Link Road.

Observing the hustle bustle from up above had put me into a chain of thoughts only to broken by the delectable aroma of the mouth-watering dishes. I forked into the softness of the Beetroot Tikki, swept a little of the sauce along with it and let my taste buds discover the flavours. The cutlet felt healthy and light. There was little to no residual oil on the fork indicating which confirmed this. The flavours were basic, nothing very overpowering.

My second appetizer was the Sesame Potato Chilli Garlic. While I love potatoes, I find plain fries just too overrated. I am a woman who is not a fan of anything vanilla (read plain) and that’s why this one was a big winner for me. Besides, when you’re doing sheesha or indulging in some alcohol, striking Indo-Chinese flavours always make the mark. The flavours of the sesame potatoes were truly well balanced without the garlic or the spice overpowering my taste buds.

Next came in Overloaded Nachos, loaded with cheese, beans and salsa. It was a pretty standard offering with everything likeable about it.

Followed by nachos was Pizza Bomba. This one had a prominently tangy taste which was further accentuated by the sun-dried tomatoes. The other toppings included baby corn, mushroom, onions and bell peppers. It was certainly a palatable pizza, however, nothing very extraordinary about it. The other pizza I tried was Chef’s Special Pizza which was a sheer disappointment. What really turned me off was the excessive quantity of the base sauce which tasted almost like a bottled tomato ketchup.

Now, Coming to a rooftop bar and not enjoying its cocktails would make for an incomplete experience, wouldn’t it? So I ordered a Jamican Boy purely because I liked the name. Turned out, the cocktail was pretty good too. I liked the citrusy taste as well the presentation which had the breezer bottle upturned in a fishbowl glass. Another one of Qbaa’s interesting boozy-fusion was Casa De Looze. If you’re a sweet tooth like me and also a Baileys lover then this is the cocktail for you.

While the previous two were delightful, Qbaa Queen was a serious let down; it didn’t do justice to the name at all, neither in the presentation nor in the taste.

Jamican Boy
Jamican Boy


Casa De Looze
Casa De Looze

After a round of cocktails, I was served the White Sauce Pasta. This was a serious letdown. I’ve hardly come across a restaurant that screws up a white sauce pasta, I mean it’s so basic. The penne felt slightly undercooked. There could’ve been more sauce. Also, the sauce wasn’t creamy enough. For me, this one was a definite no-no.

From the Indian part of the menu, I was served Kurkure Bhindi Masala, Butter Naan and Garlic Naan. A smile appeared on my face when I tried to break a morsel of the naans. They were soft and effortless and not chewy at all. My bhindi, however, was a mixed experience. I am a complete bhindi fan so this dish had to be on point in every aspect to really impress me. In my first bite, the delicious masala almost made me want to call this dish the winner of the night. But what took it away was the treatment of the bhindi itself – too hard and crispy to be enjoyed with the roti. So much so that even after mixing it with the gravy and letting it stay like that for a while didn’t quite help.

Being such a bhindi lover I was a little disappointed but what brought Qbaa back in the game was its Dal Khichadi. It was perfect and comforting in every sense of the word. There was hardly any room for more food by the time the khichadi was served but I couldn’t keep my hands of it. It was just too good to resist, so I decided to overeat.

Overall, I can’t say I had the most pleasant experience here. Although, if you’re just looking for a place to enjoy your sheesha and booze with a good view where food is just an afterthought, Qbaa Terrace would suffice.

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