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Sammy Sosa – A Mexican Food Lover’s Paradise!

My fondest memories of restaurant dining as a child have been about digging into a plate full of crispy tortillas dripping with cheese. As I grew older, I grew fonder of a dish that was made by stuffing the tortillas with a variety of ingredients and covered with a generous amount of chilli-pepper sauce before it was baked to perfection. The dishes I’m talking about are Nachos and Enchiladas – my introduction to Mexican cuisine – a cuisine I enjoyed so very much.

I believe that when you grow fond of a particular cuisine or a dish, you end up trying it often at every restaurant that serves it. Some places delight you, some displease while some might just disgust you. And there is a league of restaurants that set a benchmark. As far as Mexican cuisine goes, that’s exactly where Sammy Sosa lies – it sets a benchmark!

I was introduced to this lovely Oshiwara eatery by a cousin during my school days. I vividly remember that day, I was blissed out after a hearty meal here. The taste was so delightful that it remained on my taste buds for the longest. Back then, travelling to Oshiwara all the way from Ghatkopar was a task. Which is probably why I never happened to visit this lovely eatery again, until recently. Thanks to the Mumbai Metro, travelling to that side of the town has become so much easier.

It so happened one day that one of my friends from work was craving for some good Mexican food and Sammy Sosa came to my mind. The biggest advantage being that it is now just a short rickshaw ride away from my workplace. So we arrived at the cosy Mexican joint to devour their savouries.

The evening started off on a lovely note with a fun conversation with the owner, Mr. Virat Kapoor, about the restaurant, its legacy and some house-made salsa sauces where they keep experimenting with seasonal ingredients.

As a thirst quencher, we were served Brody’s Bourbon Beer that had a hint of honey. A mild beer with notes of honey and bourbon, I loved it! Not a lot of places serve this one, so if you visit Sammy’s be sure to give it a try. I promise you, it’s worth it!

For gobbles, we were served House Nachos – corn flour chips topped with melted cheese, chilli beans, guacamole, sour cream accompanied with a variety of salsa dips. Chopped tomatoes added a juiciness while spring onions brought a mild crunch and freshness to the dish. The highlight of the dish was the touch of chipotle that had a smokey undertone.

Next came in the Smokiedillas. The scrumptious and soft tortillas were stuffed with a blend of jalapenos, olives and beans and were flavoured with smoked mozzarella cheese! It had delicious written all over it. This version of quesadillas was accompanied with mango chilli salsa and an extra spicy version of salsa, both of which were really good.

Before the next dish arrived, we took long sips of Morning Breeze – a cucumber and kiwi cooler which was flavoured with an extra dash of lime and sprite as the base. A refreshing palate cleanser I’d say. Our palates were ready for what came next, a dish typical to the Lebanese cuisine, rightly called Lebanese Market. The platter comprised of Hummus, Pickled Olives and Mutabel, all of which could be enjoyed with Pita bread and Lavash. I binged on Mutabel – the Arabic twin of Baba Ghanoush.

For mains, we devoured the Taco Bowl. Tortilla basket filled with the goodness of coloured peppers, jalapenos, olives and mushrooms, which get engulfed with cheddar cheese and cream. The basket is baked in the oven and placed on a bed of delicious cilantro rice. A great visual and gastronomical treat!

We were so happily stuffed at the end of the meal that there was almost no room for desserts. But then again, how can one say no to Gooey Chocolate Cake with ice cream.

All in all, we had a great dining experience at Sammy Sosa. If you are a Mexican lover, this place needs to be on your go-to list.

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