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Saboro Health Cafe by Mahindra – The Address For Delicious Health Food

Iron Man's Pick

When Mahindra got into food production business, they thought to themselves, why not bring the farm to consumer’s fork. That’s when Saboro was born. If you’re passionate about nutrient-dense, natural food that tastes good and makes you feel great then that is exactly what Mahindra’s health cafe in Churchgate serves you.

The quaint little café situated at a stone throw distance from H.R. college will pleasure the taste buds of people who feed on terms like Keto, GM, Vegan, Atkins and the likes. For those who are alien to these terms, this is a cafe where you can OD on food that’s healthy and delicious at the same time. Yes, I used both the terms in one single sentence, and I mean it.

I dropped by at Saboro to try their Spring 2018 menu (yes, their menu changes with every season to give its patrons the freshest produce). Two things about Saboro impressed me immediately. The first being the simple yet beautiful interiors that shut you from the cacophonous metro work happening right outside. And the second being their extensive menu which makes it so difficult to pick a dish. Every dish is described in a manner that’ll make you want to eat them all.

Forever Young

Knowing my humble appetite cannot take more than 4-5 dishes, here’s everything I devoured. Starting with their cold-pressed juices, I ordered Forever Young. I was sold at the name! Saboro calls this the ultimate fountain of youth. Apparently, the concoction of pineapple, apple and mint is supposed to be anti-ageing. Well, I don’t how young it made me feel after downing a glass of it but I was surely energized and refreshed.

I decided to skip the smoothies and directly go for the salads instead. I read through the options but ended up ordering a bowl of Iron Man’s Pick, because it’s Iron Man’s pick! Can’t go wrong with that. Now it might seem like a little exaggeration but honestly, this was the best salad I’ve had in my life. Watermelon, spinach, house-made organic ricotta cheese, melon seeds and walnuts. But the catch was the vinaigrette. It was a ripe-mango vinaigrette spiced with freshly crushed peppercorns. It had the juiciness of watermelon, light saltiness of the cheese, the sweetness of mango, the spiciness of pepper and the nutty texture of rocket leaves. You’ve got to try it to believe it!

Iron Man's Pick
Iron Man’s Pick
Iron Man’s Pick

A healthy serving of salad was followed by an indulging round of small bites – Mushy Zucchini Rolls. These fresh and amazingly light delights tantalize your palate with a mouthwatering filling of mushroom, cheese and garlic wrapped in zucchini sheets, drizzled with peppery salsa dressing.

Mushy Zucchini Rolls
Mushy Zucchini Rolls

The first main to arrive was Beet This Hummus Pie. The most striking part of this dish was its presentation. It was such a colourful dish! The combination of flavours will make your tongue say WOW the very instant you bite into it. Beetroot Hummus spread over whole-wheat flatbreads topped with Roquette Lettuce and Tangerines. The saltiness is well balanced with shavings of Parmesan cheese. Like the menu writes, this is one pie to die for.

Beet This Hummus Pie
Beet This Hummus Pie
Beet This Hummus Pie

Vegan Lasagna was the other main dish I tried. When I read about the combinations, the mention of hummus and tofu particularly interested me. Hence, I decided to give it a shot. And it turned out to be a  worthy one I must say. The nutty vegan parmesan sprinkled on top elevated the entire flavour.

Vegan Lasagna

By the end of the main course, I was stuffed with absolutely no room for anything else. Yet, on much insistence of the chef, I reluctantly nodded in approval of trying their Indulgent Tart Troika for desserts. A platter of delightful oat tart shells filled with Quinoa Almond Chocolate, Date Caramel and Strawberry Compote was placed in front of me. I took a bite of each tart and concluded that Date Caramel appealed my tastebuds the most.

Indulgent Tart Troika

With that, my Saturday brunch came to an end. I have to admit that I enjoy health food a lot. But the kind of food that Saboro serves up, even the ones who gag at the name of salads might end up leaving this cafe with a smile.

My verdict, a clear 5/5.

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