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Tj’s Quick Fix Recipe #07: Stir Fried Maggi

In my experience adding crunchy vegetables to the soft maggi noodles always creates a pleasant experience. At the same time if the original taste of the masala noodles is maintained then there's nothing like it. This soft and crunchy blend is exactly what my recipe for Stir Fried Maggi aims

Tj’s quick fix recipe #04 Sandwich Napolitana

I would like to sincerely thank my parents for their inputs to make this dish taste perfect. Ingredients: For Garlic Butter: 1tsp Red garlic chutney 4tsp Butter For White Sauce: 2 cups Milk 2 tbsp Corn flour 1 Cup full of boiled corn,carrot and french beans (all finely chopped)  1 Cup Spaghetti For Sandwich: 4 Bread slices 2 Cheese slice Olives (few) Oregano (as

Tj’s quick recipe #02: JatPat Roll

JatPat Roll: "Jatpat" in hindi means "quick". I was super hungry in the evening and mom wasn't home. I looked around the kitchen and opened the refrigerator to find if there was something I could eat. I found a couple of ingredients and in a snap came up with this idea of a roll.