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Busting Myths And Exploring The Diversity Of Bengali Cuisine

Bengali Food Festival - Jamavar - The Leela It's a common misconception, one that even I believed for a while, that Bengali cuisine is all about fishes, gol-gappas and rosogollas. Perhaps the idea existed because the Bengalis around me swore off vegetarian food with absolute hostility. This myth was broken first by my dear friend, Nishkala, from The

Exploring Open Skies With Groovy Music and Sheeshas at Qbaa Terrace

كيف يمكن للاطفال كسب المال The city of Mumbai is known for its skyline - rad and beautiful! This makes it an ideal destination for rooftop restaurants. The latest entrant in the city's open-to-sky restaurants is Qbaa Terrace. Located in the centre of Malad, this quintessential bar is characterised by lavish interiors, fancy sheeshas and groovy