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Celebrate Pongal at Banana Leaf

Banana Leaf is my absolute favourite restaurant when it comes to South Indian Cuisine. The quality and variety of food is unmatched. On the festival of Pongal, Banana Leaf brings together a variety of dishes to pamper your taste buds. These are festival special dishes which will be available on

Special Lunch Buffet at Mainland China

The famous chinese restaurant Mainland China has come up with a special lunch buffet. They claim the spread to be vast enough to cover the length and breadth of China.. haha.. Following is the picture of the deal, you can find the details of the same below.                                                     

Gold Plated Dosa

Now you can buy your gold and eat it too!!! Watch the video: Gold plated dosa The Raj Bhog restaurant, in the southern Indian city of Bengaluru (Bangalore), now offers dosas covered in a coating of pure gold. The luxury comes at a price. Each gold dosa costs the princely sum of