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Le Café

What better way to kick start your Sunday than a brunch with your buddies. After going through the restaurant listing at it was decided a day earlier that the place would be Le Cafe. We had heard good reviews about it and was on our list since a long

Love For Ram Ashraya

Coffee    Looking for an early morning breakfast? The answer to your problem is Ram Ashraya. Walking distance from the Matunga railway station is this famous hotspot for the most amazing and delicious south indian cusine. You just fall in love with this place. The place opens at 5:30-6:00am and is

Dosa khakhra

Khakhra are a famous part of Gujrati cuisine which roots from the state of Gujrat in India. Khakhara’s are thin crackers made from mat bean and wheat flour and oil. It is served usually during breakfast. The latest variety of khakhra that's being seen in the market today is DOSA

Breakfast at Tea Center

On a breezy Wednesday morning, eight of us decided to go to this place which is famous for breakfast. It's called the Tea Center. When a friend of  mine suggested me this place I wondered why it's called "Tea Center" when there's a host of other things also available. As

Fan Recipe – Quick Fix Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is very important that we start our day with the correct breakfast. By correct I mean the food that is right for the body. Food that brings the best within you, energizes you for the rest of the day and

Breakfast at Ramashray

It all started on  last Thursday evening when the five of us were sitting in the college canteen. I, Siddharth and Rushabh started discussing the dinner that was going to be cooked at our respective homes while Ami and Ravina laughed and giggled at the whole discussion. Soon we started discussing about