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Le Café

What better way to kick start your Sunday than a brunch with your buddies. After going through the restaurant listing at it was decided a day earlier that the place would be Le Cafe. We had heard good reviews about it and was on our list since a long

Birthday Dinner at Mainland China

Mainland China is one of the favourite Chinese restaurants of the elites. Everything at this restaurant is just classy; the ambiance, the food, the service and the crowd. I've been to a couple of branches at different locations but one at Bandra remains the most memorable one as I celebrated

Glucose Biscuit Chocolate Cake

Today we bring you an unusual cake recipe, made from your favourite tea-time snack glucose biscuits. All smiles now? We have more good news for you - this cake doesn't require baking. You can prepare this recipe for unexpected guests and you're rushed for dessert, or when you simply have

Fan Recipe: Chocolate Mug Cake

It's about time that you do something creative with your coffee mug. Don't you feel bored of having the same coffee daily in that mug? Did you know you can actually make cakes in your coffee mugs? Here's a fantastic quick fix Chocolate Mug Cake recipe you can use to