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Le Café

What better way to kick start your Sunday than a brunch with your buddies. After going through the restaurant listing at it was decided a day earlier that the place would be Le Cafe. We had heard good reviews about it and was on our list since a long

Hershey’s Sinful Heaven

Hershey's Sinful Heaven Got 15 minutes ? Want to experiment ? Well I have one of the best for you. Ingredients : 1) Milk 2) Hershey's Chocolate Bar ( plain or with almonds ) 3) Hershey's Chocolate Syrup 4) Chocolate Truffle Cake 5) Coffee 6) Vanilla ice cream 7) Bitter chocolate Process : The journey to heaven is quite simple

Spiced Coffee

A coffee with a twist!! Ingredients: 1/4th tspn vanilla essence 1/4th tspn cinnamon powder pinch of red chilli powder 2 tbsp instant coffee  powder 1/4th cup cocoa powder 1/3rd cup sugar 1/2 cup water 2 cups milk For garnish: cocoa powder white chocolate shavings whipped cream Method: Boil the water. Turn off the gas. Add the instant coffee powder, vanilla essence and red chilli powder.