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Tj’s quick fix recipe #04 Sandwich Napolitana

I would like to sincerely thank my parents for their inputs to make this dish taste perfect. Ingredients: For Garlic Butter: 1tsp Red garlic chutney 4tsp Butter For White Sauce: 2 cups Milk 2 tbsp Corn flour 1 Cup full of boiled corn,carrot and french beans (all finely chopped)  1 Cup Spaghetti For Sandwich: 4 Bread slices 2 Cheese slice Olives (few) Oregano (as

Tj’s quick recipe #02: JatPat Roll

JatPat Roll: "Jatpat" in hindi means "quick". I was super hungry in the evening and mom wasn't home. I looked around the kitchen and opened the refrigerator to find if there was something I could eat. I found a couple of ingredients and in a snap came up with this idea of a roll.